Customer Survey – The Results

Smallfish recently sent out some customer surveys and the response, quite frankly, blew us away. A huge number of you took the time to respond – thank you so much! It was incredibly affirming to get so much positivity, with 94% of you saying that you would be very likely to recommend Smallfish to a friend or colleague.

There were a few suggestions on how we can improve as well, which is perfect as the main reason for the survey was to help us confirm where we should be putting our future resources. The good news is that many of the things that you want are already available or in development.

Easier Product Management

This is a top priority. We are working on making product and image management a breeze whether you have one or thousands of products. Central to our plans is an image management area with the ability to drag multiple images into your shop directly off your desktop. This is coming soon. We will then be revamping the product management area and adding the ability to add and update products using a spreadsheet such as Excel.

Mobile Support

Every year more of your customers are shopping on smartphones so we’re working hard to make sure your store looks its best for them. You won’t need to do anything when this update is released and you will not have to pay any more. You will simply wake up in the morning to see your shop working beautifully on an iPhone or other mobile device.

A key thing that differentiates Smallfish’s from other ecommerce platforms is that we deliver our service in such a way that we can move your shop forward as new trends come and go without you incurring additional cost and effort and mobile will be a great illustration of this

More Flexibility for Shop Design and Content

We don’t want you to have to visit a web designer because web designers are expensive. Our goal is that you are able to create a great looking ecommerce store within Smallfish yourself by just twisting knobs and flicking switches.

And we have heard you loud and clear – you want more knobs and switches.

With that in mind we have decided to push forward more quickly with two of your most requested options – customising the grey background and more font options.

We are also committed to providing many more types of items that you can easily add to your pages, including more social media integration. Watch this space.


We’d like you to feel completely confident to make changes to your store without any concern that you might do something that you regret such as accidentally deleting some of your content. To this end, we will be introducing an ‘Undo’ feature that will enable you to take your shop back to what it was like when you last hit ‘Apply Changes’.

Wholesale and Customer Logins

Many of you want the ability to limit the availability of all or some of your products to certain customers. You also want to provide your customers with the ability to create an account so that you can target them with discounts, pre-fill in their address details, show them their order details and wish lists. We’re working on all of that too!

Shivers, better stop writing and get back to it…

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