Unique Product Codes

Within the next week or so you will see a couple of changes within your Smallfish store, paving the way for product import/export which we are very pleased to say is going to be available very soon.

We have given the shop management area a bit of a facelift with the addition of tabs to the top of the page. The tabs emphasise the tasks you do most often such as Products and Orders and move some of the least used functions out of the way into Settings. This is the start of a bit of a tidy up of that area so expect to see a more improvements over the next few months.


Another change will be that products will now require a unique product code which can be used to identify that product within your shop. This replaces the current custom ID which was not compulsory and could be the same from product to product. We will show you the unique product code, as well as the product name, when a customer makes an order. It is for your internal use only and will not be displayed to your customers.

If coming up with a unique code for every product sounds annoying, don’t worry, we create one for you. You can choose to leave it as-is or override it with your own creation.


Why are we doing this? While we acknowledge unique product codes aren’t exactly scintillating, the reason for their addition might just float your boat. They will be used, amongst other things, to support our soon-to-arrive product import/export feature which will mean you will be able to do bulk updates to your product catalogue information using a spreadsheet such as Excel. Imagine – loading thousands of products into a Smallfish store, updating all of your product prices, or updating your stock levels after a stocktake in minutes!

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