Zen and the Art of Product Tags

While you can create a Smallfish shop without thinking too much about product tags, if you spend a little bit of time coming to grips with how they work you could find that they make managing a Smallfish shop much easier.

Product tags help you to organise your products into sets.  You can then use the tags to choose where your products will be displayed in your shop as well as the way they behave, such as if they are on special or can be selected as part of a one day deal redemption.

Next time you create a product gallery take a closer look at the first question that you are asked. You will see that you can choose the products that are displayed in that gallery based on what tags are assigned to them.

So, imagine that you created a new page with a product gallery that was set up to show products with a tag of ‘special’ and you also created a promotion that took 20% off all products with that same tag. Now you can both feature a product on that page and take 20% off its price simply by assigning it to the ‘special’ tag.

The easiest way to assign tags to products in in the shop management area where you can allocate tags to multiple products at a time.

To find out more read the support article on managing product tags.

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