Coming Soon – Undo

Have you ever clicked the button on your mouse and then immediately wished you hadn’t? Perhaps you’ve just accidentally deleted a Smallfish shop tab and all of its pages or trashed the wrong product? Wouldn’t it be nice to do a ‘Dr Who’, go back in time and make it all OK again? Welcome to Smallfish’s new undo feature.


If you currently have a live Smallfish store you will be familiar with the Apply Changes button which publishes your latest changes live on to the internet. This will be replaced with a PUBLISH button with the added benefit of a VIEW/UNDO option as well. This option lists all of your changes since you last published (quite useful in itself) and gives you the opportunity to roll them all back if you have made a mistake.

What this means is that if you make your Smallfish shop updates in batches then you will be able to preview your changes, publish them if they look good, or roll them back if they don’t. We think that is pretty cool.

This capability will be rolling out to everyone very soon. If you can’t wait then let know and they’ll turn it on for your shop right away.

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