The Next Generation Hosted Payment Solution from DPS – PxPay 2.0

DPS Payment Express Logo

Smallfish now supports PxPay 2.0, the latest upgrade to DPS’s hosted payment solution.

PxPay 2.0 supports multiple payment methods and gives you more customisation options for your payment page. The upgrade also gives your customers the option of Account2Account as an alternative to using a credit card. Account2Account accepts online payments directly from your customer’s bank account into yours in real time by utilising the online banking system. This is great as it offers an alternate payment method for your customers who don’t have, or choose not to use, a credit card.

You can rest easy knowing PxPay 2.0 transactions are handled according to the most strict industry security standards. No software installation is needed, so signing up or upgrading to this cutting edge technology sounds pretty simple, right?

An upgrade to PxPay 2.0 is free for existing PxPay customers. Account2Account can easily be added with no setup fee and a cost of 1% per transaction, capped at $3.

We can also help you get set up with PxPay 2.0 if you aren’t an existing customer. Here’s the nitty gritty details you need to know:

  • You will need to integrate PxPay with a new or existing merchant account from your bank
  • Set up fee of $149
  • Monthly fee of $49
  • 100 free transactions per month
  • 50c per additional transaction

If you would like to use PxPay 2.0 for your Smallfish store, either:

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