Don’t Forget The Sides!

It’s time for more “Tips and Tricks” from the Smallfish Support Team; this edition is all about utilising the Sidebar feature of a Smallfish store. With the simple click of a button you can customise another whole section of your web shop. By putting some thought into what you display in the sidebar, you can refresh the look of your shop or grab the viewer’s attention with a particular product or piece of information.

This area, down the right-hand side of your shop, can be used for so many great things and fortunately Smallfish has made sure the sidebar packs a real punch when it comes to features. You have the ability to showcase products with images, a product gallery (really useful for one-off sales!), a Facebook ‘like’ button and even integrate your Twitter feed.

These are just a taste of how you can utilise the sidebar – the features you use are ultimately up to you and depend on your vision for and the objectives of your online shop.

To show your sidebar, simply click the Add Sidebar button on the right-hand side of the Edit page, and open your shop to a whole range of possibilities!

Add a Sidebar

– Smallfish Support

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