Welcome to a Whole New World of Image Management


Image Management is a new and better way of managing your images within your Smallfish store. If you have recently created a store, then Image Management is turned on automatically and you can make full use of the new features. However, if you have an older store and do not see the Image Management features available to you, then simply contact support@smallfish.co.nz and we can easily turn on Image Management for you. You then have a whole range of tools at your fingertips…

image management

With Image Management, you will be able to drag multiple images off your desktop directly into your store, organise them into folders, assign them to products and place them on pages. You can even drag in a ZIP file that contains images already arranged in a folder structure. You can read all about the details on our support site.

Another great feature of Image Management is the ability to add a slideshow of images to a page. To learn more about slideshows, please read this article.

We’d love to hear what you think about Image Management, so please fire any feedback to support@smallfish.co.nz