Responsive Design For Smallfish Ecommerce Websites: Sneak Preview Of Your Mobile Friendly Online Store!

Responsive Design is the recommended technique for optimising a website for different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. It enables the website to adapt to any screen size.

This method is now favoured over the traditional approach of building a separate mobile website for small screen devices. Additional screen sizes have become common and the capabilities of mobile devices and desktops are converging. A single website is also a lot easier to maintain for the shop owner.

The Smallfish team have been hard at work developing Responsive Design support for all Smallfish shops. Here is a preview!

Smallfish Responsive Preview

What will it cost?

This feature will be provided at no extra cost to all shop owners. From day one Smallfish has worked to combat the high ongoing costs of traditional ecommerce websites. Many shop owners who invested large sums of money developing a traditional ecommerce shop need to invest again to develop mobile capability. Due to the way that Smallfish works, we are able to roll this feature out to all existing Smallfish shops without any additional cost or effort for the shop owner.

Optimising your content

Most likely your content will already look great on mobile devices when the Responsive Design feature is activated. Due to the small screen size here are a couple of tips to keep in mind –

Tip 1. Avoid referring to the location of content on your page

When viewing a shop on a small device the content will be shifted to suit the reduced width of the screen. For example, content in the sidebar will be shifted below the main content. Similarly, if you display a menu on the left side of your shop then that will be incorporated into a mobile-optimised menu at the top of the page. If you currently ask your visitors to ‘select from the menu on the left’ for example, this may confuse visitors using mobile devices.

Tip 2. Take care when including small text in your images

Images will be re-sized automatically to fit the width of any mobile device. Small text that you include in an image might be illegible when displayed on the small screen of a mobile device.

Finer control

We will also be rolling out a few new features to give you additional control over the appearance of your content on mobile devices. For example, when adding an image to your site, you will be able to specify an alternative image to display on mobile devices that is better suited to a narrow screen.

How soon?

This feature is well into development. Stay tuned for further announcements. We can’t wait to release this into the wild and look forward to hearing all of your feedback.

Update, February 2015

Here are a few more teaser shots of a Smallfish website in responsive design, including the Cart page. Your customers will love browsing and shopping on their mobile or tablet!