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Online Customer Feedback: Why it’s valuable and how to get it during the checkout process

Think back to the last time you went out to a restaurant, had your hair cut, or had your car serviced at the local garage. Were you satisfied with the process and the level of service given? Did the staff or company ask for your feedback? As consumers, we are constantly involved in transactions with businesses and individuals, and these experiences may delight, satisfy or downright disappoint. Whatever the outcome, it’s nice to know that a company appreciates your invested time and money and that they value your opinion. This is where a simple message to say thanks and an opportunity to provide feedback can go a long way.

This situation can be replicated in the ecommerce world too, and it is arguably even more important. It’s no secret that with the rise of online shopping, switching costs have significantly decreased for consumers. Your competitors are just a click away, making it easy for online shoppers to compare products and prices and flit between their favourites when it suits them. But what if buying from your store simply delighted your customers so much that they wouldn’t go anywhere else? This is your loyal customer. This is also your most valuable customer. Consumers expect a seamless online experience and you no doubt want to give it to them, so you can retain more customers in the long run and stop them from switching to a competitor. But first you need to communicate to your customers that you do appreciate their time and money and that you do value their feedback. This is a very simple process that doesn’t take long to implement and will improve your customer retention, if you follow through appropriately.

How to go about communicating to customers and gaining feedback

There are two ways that you can communicate to customers during the checkout process. The first is by including some custom text on the checkout confirmation page. A simple “Thank you for purchasing from us! We value your business and welcome your feedback. Contact us any time at”, can add personality to the process and assure your customers that they are important to you. You could even offer them a coupon code for a specific purpose. You will need to ensure this coupon code exists for a targeted reason, so that it provides future value to the customer, rather than simply providing a reward for a purchase they have already made.

The second way is to include checkout notes which allow your customers to enter any information they wish during the process. You may want to ask a specific question, such as, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” or “Do you have any other specific order requirements?”, if your service allows customisation. Some instances where this could be useful include:

  • Florists who have customers who would like to request specific flowers or add a personal message to the recepient
  • Gift shops that attach gift cards and need to know what message to write
  • Specific delivery details

Alternatively, you can use checkout notes to gain any feedback about your store. Customers may feel more inclined to attach a personal message to their order, now that you have given them the chance to do so! You never know what great feedback you might get from people who think your store is simply amazing. Whatever feedback you receive from your customers, it is then important that you follow through. Send an email thanking them for their feedback and make sure to action any requests or suggestions that they may have had. This will no doubt improve the customer experience for not only that single customer, but others that go through your store as well. Your customers are left feeling appreciated and are far more likely to become repeat customers.

You can add custom text or checkout notes in Storbie through the use of Checkout Options. Check out the image below (pun intended) for the location of this feature or if you’re having trouble finding it, have a look in ‘Manage my shop’ and in the ‘Settings’ tab.

checkout options in your Storbie online store

A seamless customer experience is vital in ecommerce transactions and by receiving valuable feedback, you can work towards improving your service and gaining loyal customers.

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See what we did there?

– Storbie Support

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