Click Monday for Small Businesses: How To Make The Most Of New Zealand’s Biggest Online Sales Day

How is it that the holiday season seems to appear out of nowhere each year? Better start planning early! If last year’s figures are anything to go by, New Zealanders will continue to do more of their Christmas shopping online. The BNZ Online Retail Sales Index reported that total online sales grew by 14% in December 2016 compared to December 2015. International online purchases grew by 17% while domestic purchases grew by 13%. You can see the full report here.

In an attempt to drive domestic online sales, the nationwide online and retail event Click Monday continues to run, after a successful debut in 2013. If you’re not familiar with Click Monday, it is New Zealand’s version of the US based Cyber Monday – a one day online sale that takes place each year on the Monday after Thanksgiving and that signifies the official kick-off to the online holiday shopping season in the US. The NZ Click Monday site provides a centralised website where consumers can browse deals by category and click through to the individual sites to make purchases.

Click Monday takes place in late November. Some big brands take part – but this doesn’t mean that small online retailers can’t get in on the action too.

In fact, you don’t even need to sign up to the official Click Monday website in order to participate in the Click Monday sale day. Read more on that in our guest post Is New Zealand’s Click Monday Here To Stay? Once you realise that your campaign is by no means limited to a single day, start planning your Click Monday activities with the following recommendations in mind:

Make sure you have a clean and fresh looking site

Go through your site and proof read all your content to make sure there are no errors or misspellings. Update any old content and make sure all information is relevant. Once you have your Click Monday content ready, proof read that too! Be succinct in your information; customers are looking for the best deals so these should be your main focus.

Promote your Click Monday deal on social media and by email

It is encouraged that you inform your customers of your Click Monday deal on Facebook, other social media sites and via email. Your customers will appreciate being personally informed by you and it is likely that they will share your deal with friends and family. Facebook and email communications also provide a channel for customers to click straight through to your site to get your deal, rather than go through the Click Monday website first. Make sure to include the words ‘Click Monday’ and highlight specific discounts in your email subject line, as this is a time of the year when inboxes are filled with promotional emails.

Have a specific Click Monday landing page

Rather than sending customers to your home page when they click on your deals, create a specific landing page that prominently features your discounts.

Focus on one or a few key deals that your customers simply can’t refuse

Do delight your customers with deals that are irresistible. Don’t bombard them with every deal imaginable. The old adage ‘quality over quantity’ applies here – a creative and generous discount will make the value of your deal stand out amongst the bigger retailers and their deals. It is also more manageable for you as a small business to focus on a few key deals that you can realistically fulfil.

Make sure you have sufficient stock

Being able to fulfil orders means having the appropriate stock. Participating in Click Monday can result in a significant increase in traffic to your site during this time. This will ideally translate to a significant increase in sales of your discounted products. Make sure you can fulfil these orders and are poised and ready to update the Click Monday website when your products are sold out.

Offer free shipping

We already know that one of the biggest reasons consumers abandon online shopping carts is due to the cost of shipping. If your Click Monday deal offers a product at a bargain price of $15 but shipping adds another $5 to $10 on top of that, customers will be less inclined to seal the deal. We suggest offering free shipping during Click Monday.

Support your online deal in-store

If you have a physical retail store, you can promote your Click Monday deal in-store and offer the same amazing discount to customers here too.

Ask for your customers’ email addresses

The increased brand exposure generated by Click Monday is not only highly valuable from a sales perspective, but also from a customer loyalty perspective. Make sure you are collecting your online customers’ email addresses and adding these to your database, so you can keep communications going after the Click Monday event. Sarah Schager, Internet marketing strategist for Vertical Measures, sums this up nicely; “Following up with customers is vital to building your brand. A one-time sale is great, but a lifelong customer is better”.

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