Christmas Delivery Deadlines: 3 Easy Steps To Make Sure Gifts Are Delivered On Time

As customers start to place their Christmas gift orders, you want to make sure you’re prepared to play Santa and get those presents delivered on time.

While we don’t suggest a midnight sleigh ride on Christmas Eve, we do suggest you notify your customers of deadlines for placing orders that will arrive in time for the Big Day. Here’s 3 easy steps to follow in order to do just that.

1. Find the right information pertaining to Christmas delivery deadlines for your preferred postal service

First off, you need to know what the deadlines are. You can consult NZ Post’s Christmas 2014 Delivery Targets for mailing dates and times. If you use another service, they should have this information readily available also. Pick out the information that relates to your shipping destinations. Note, you may want to give yourself a buffer of an extra day, just in case!

2. Add the information to your Shipping Information page

We suggest you add some extra information to your Shipping Information page, as customers are likely to head to this page if they are wondering whether their gift will arrive in time for Christmas. If you want to be extra clear, you could use Master Pages to place this message across numerous pages within your site.

3. Add a brief notification to the first page of your Cart

Some customers may be so eager to purchase that they don’t visit your Shipping page. This is why it’s a good idea to put a message in your Cart. Keep it brief, as you don’t want to create any barriers to purchase. By having this information clearly visible, you are reducing the chance of receiving multiple customer enquiries all asking whether their gifts will be delivered in time. Of course, if you do, you should respond accordingly.

Here’s How Wilshi Did It

Wilshi is in the business of marriage proposals. They understand that a proposal is a well considered and thought out affair, with the ring being a key component. At this time of the year, many men are planning to propose, and they need their proposal ring to do so. With this in mind, Wilshi have clearly communicated Christmas delivery deadlines to guys all over the globe. Here’s how Wilshi has communicated this information on their Shipping Information page:

They then go on to specify order deadlines for each of their main shipping destinations:

It might seem repetitive, but they’re providing customers with all the information they need.

Wilshi has also set up a brief notification at the beginning of the checkout process to remind customers of the deadlines. As mentioned previously, this is useful as people may not visit the Shipping information page before purchasing products:

If you add a notification to your Cart, remember to update these messages as deadlines pass.

By following these 3 easy steps, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve communicated all the right information to customers and done everything in your power to make sure their Christmas presents are sitting under the tree on Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays!

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