Team Smallfish Comes Out Grinning In The December Scorcher Triathlon

Smallfish leaped into summer last Sunday, participating in the Scorching Triathlon’s ‘December Scorcher’ as a team. Smallfish CEO Shane (centre) fronted up in bike shorts for the 40 km cycle, lead software developer Craig (right) donned the running shoes for the 10 km run and, ironically considering the company name, we couldn’t find a willing fish, so netted a non-Smallfishian, Bevin (left), to put on the flattering ‘Scorcher’ swimmers cap and doggy-paddle 1.5 km out at sea.

The day itself didn’t disappoint with Wellington turning on a typically summery overcast day with an eighty kilometre per hour north-westerly to spice things up.

Team Smallfish got off to a scorcher. Bevin’s inclusion turned out to be a master-stroke, as he rose from the waves in 4th place. It took some time, however, for him to locate Shane, helmet at the ready, who was waving his arms about in an attempt to get his attention. While Bevin is well known to be faster in the sea than on land, the transition was finally accomplished and Shane took off at a breathtakingly slow pace.

While Shane did turn out to be clearly the weakest link, he did eventually put in a respectable showing, especially considering his advanced years and failing eyesight, and put in a time that was middle of the pack.

After a transition that was similar to the last in its exquisite incompetence, Craig was eventually unleashed and took off like a greyhound. He quickly regained some of the ground lost during Shane’s effort and brought Team Smallfish home victorious.

Incredibly, we were the fastest team (out of 3) and 13th overall! It was smiles all round after accomplishing such a feat. Now to find recruits for the next event… stay tuned.

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