New Pricing Plans — Achieve Online Business Growth With More Products

Big things are happening at Smallfish! The first piece of news for 2015 is that we are introducing new pricing plans, simplifying the pricing structure for shops with large product catalogues. For most customers, the new plans make it cheaper to access more products and, if you are an existing customer, you can choose to stick with your current plan, only switching when it benefits you.


In recent months we have made many improvements to the way in which shop owners can manage large numbers of products, including an improved product management area, product import/export, the Vend Point of Sale integration, and the ability to have an online wholesale shop.

No longer do you have to worry about switching plans each time you would like a further 100 products – our plans come with ample product amounts to fit the size of your business. It is clear that this has been highly anticipated from you, our customers, and we listened closely to your feedback.

Our new pricing plans will better suit the growing needs of our customers while continuing to deliver on the Smallfish principle of making it easy and affordable to sell online, no matter how big or small your online store is.

To reflect the large numbers of GST registered businesses that use Smallfish we are also making the switch to GST exclusive pricing.

Whether you’re an existing customer, or new to Smallfish, you can find all the information you need about the new pricing plans here so you can choose the best option for your business.

What are the plans?

Our new plans offer Classic, Professional and Premium options, each with tiered maximum product numbers. Regardless of which plan you are on, each one enjoys all of the great features Smallfish has to offer, including integration with Xero accounting, Vend Point of Sale systems and adding as many users as you like to manage your online shop.

We also offer special charity pricing for registered charities, and Enterprise options for businesses with more than 10,000 products. Contact us to find out more.

I’m an existing Smallfish customer. Which plan should I choose?

Great question! If you are an existing Smallfish customer then we’re giving you the choice.

Grandfather your current plan

If you’re an existing store owner then you can choose to stay on your current plan. You don’t need to take any action – your pricing will not change and you’ll continue to enjoy all the benefits you do now. If your online store is not yet live and you want our current pricing, simply go live before 10 March 2015.

Change to the Classic plan

The Classic plan, allowing up to 500 products, is a cheaper and more efficient way to increase your product limit; or you may find that this plan is cheaper than your current Smallfish plan. If this is the case, or you would like to have up to 500 products, simply let us know that you’d like to switch and we’ll change your shop over to the Classic plan.

Step up to a Professional or Premium plan

If you’d like more products in your online store than your current Smallfish plan offers, and 500 isn’t enough, then you can switch to our new Professional or Premium plans. Once again, please contact us to do so, and similarly, if you have any questions about stepping up to a new plan in order to allow for more products, please email

When will the new plans come into effect?

The new plans will go live on 10 March 2015, so if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch before then.



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