Automatic Upgrade to Improved Product Variation Management and File Management Systems

Over the next few weeks, we will be upgrading all Smallfish stores to the improved product variation management and file management systems.

Many stores are already on these systems — we received numerous requests to upgrade at the time of the release, and these systems have since been automatically applied for newly created stores. For customers that are yet to make the change, this upgrade will make it easier to manage your products and files and also open up new features that you can take advantage of.

Read on to find out more about each of these upgrades. 

Improved Product Variation Management (SKUs)

Some products have variations such as colour and size and therefore have multiple SKUs. A SKU (stock tracked unit) is a particular combination of those variations that a customer can choose to purchase. For example, a large, red hat would be one SKU and a small, red hat would be a second SKU.

SKUs are for when each of these options requires you to stock different options, as compared to product options, which are intended for times when you would like to offer the customer an option which could be applied to any variation of the product at the time of sale, such as gift wrapping, what kind of box it comes in or whether the customer would like to purchase an extended warranty.

When your online store is converted to SKUs, you’ll find it is far quicker and easier to manage stock levels across these product variations. Every SKU can have its own pricing and stock levels and you have more control over which combinations are associated with which products.

Product Import/Export

Another huge advantage of upgrading to SKUs is that it allows you to use the product import/export feature. With product import you can load hundreds or even thousands of products into your Smallfish store from an external file with just a few clicks. Also, if you have a number of changes to make to your catalogue, such as changing many of your prices, you can export your products to a file, make the changes using a tool such as Microsoft Excel and then import the changes. Another common use of this feature is to use it to synchronise all of your stock levels with an external system.

Here are two very useful articles about using product import/export, and updating stock levels using product import.

If you are still using the old system, then you may have stocked tracked product options. During the upgrade, these will automatically be converted to individual SKUs, however product options that are not stock tracked will stay as product options.

Improved File Management

This upgrade improves the way you manage your images within your online store. You will be able to drag multiple images off your desktop directly into your store, organise them into folders, assign them to products and place them on pages. You can even drag in a ZIP file that contains images already arranged in a folder structure.

You can read these support articles which cover everything you need to know about managing images within your Smallfish store.

Image Slideshow

Another benefit of the upgrade to the improved file management system is that it enables the slideshow feature. You can display a cycle of images which change every few seconds automatically. Your customers can also choose to move through them manually by clicking next and previous buttons, and you can optionally link the images to different pages in your site making them ideal for visually highlighting your product ranges and current promotions.

Read this support article on how to add a slideshow to a page.


This automatic upgrade allows you to stay up to speed with the latest ecommerce technology — one of the benefits of using the Smallfish platform is that we can perform these changes and you don’t have to lift a finger! Your online store won’t be affected while we carry out the technical stuff behind the scenes, but if you have any questions about this upgrade please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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