Small Talk: Hear about an online store that was created, built and launched in a day?

At Smallfish, we love having a good old yarn (usually with a cup of tea in hand) about all the new and interesting online stores that start selling using our ecommerce platform. So we thought you might like to hear about them too. Introducing our new blog segment — Small Talk. This is the first in the series of not-to-be-missed conversation about Smallfish stores.

Unlike awkward hallway conversation which you try to avoid by pretending you’re on your cellphone, we think this Small Talk is worth hearing. So come have a natter, a chinwag, a chat — feel free to tell us about the wonderful existence of your own store, or one that you love. We’ll supply the tea, you bring the gingernuts.

The Lotus People – Created, Built and Launched In One Day


This week’s Small Talk is all about The Lotus People. The Lotus People manufacture and sell 100% natural skincare products. Owner, Olivia, is passionate about educating others about GMOs, pesticides and harmful chemicals and how they all affect the environment, wildlife and ocean. She’s a small business owner taking on some heavyweights in the skincare industry — but believes in showing people the importance of supporting local small scale businesses and boycotting large corporations whose processes and products damage our environment.

The Lotus People became teapot talk (we don’t have a water cooler, and by now you’ve probably guessed we really like tea) in the office this week when it was discovered that they had created their online store and launched it live within a matter of hours. On talking with Olivia, we found out that she had a previous online store that was becoming problematic, so she happily switched everything over to Smallfish. “[Online] is where the market is at. It’s also an easy and effective way of advertising and getting ideas and information out there”, says Olivia, adding, “we were very eager to get the site live that day”.

We also love the imagery that The Lotus People have used on their website. Large, professional-looking product images, accompanied by interesting product descriptions are known to empower and entice customers into buying. We also like how The Lotus People have backed up their products and philosophy with a blog — the first post talks about the benefits of natural skincare.

Olivia says she’s got plenty more ideas in the pipeline to grow the range of Lotus People Organics. “I’m currently studying naturopathy, so I’m crafting some medicinal organic oils for a range of skin types, as well as a natural sunblock, sunblock SPF moisturiser and a natural, baby-safe shampoo and conditioner”. She hopes these will be available soon, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for the chat Olivia!

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