6 Inspiring Examples of Brands on Instagram

Social media marketing is often top of the list when it comes to strategies and tactics for brands to reach out to, connect and engage with an audience. Instagram, the mobile photo sharing app, is fast becoming a leading social media marketing tool. With 600 million monthly active users, there is huge opportunity for brands to connect with a well-defined group of fans and customers. Instagram is especially popular among younger people, with a reported 90% of users under the age of 35.

Whether you’re already using Instagram, thinking of getting started, or don’t even have a clue what Early Bird, Mayfair and Amaro are, here’s some inspiration from 6 brands using the platform to show a window into their world.

CSA Surfboards

CSA Surfboards are custom surfboard makers, barrelling wave riders and all-round thrill seekers. Owner Cain Aldridge has been perfecting his surfboard designs since the age of 13. Based in Taranaki, New Zealand, CSA have created a nationwide reputation for quality custom surfboards.

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We love CSA’s images and videos on Instagram because they clearly show what CSA is all about and why Cain and the team do what they do — for the love of the sport, and for the love of the shaping and design of surfboards. They know their audience very well and engage them with a down to earth, go-getter attitude.

Vintage Love

Vintage Love introduces their Instagram page by describing themselves as “the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, full of fabulously cool stuff for people who love stuff!”. Their Instagram page sure makes you feel like you’ve struck gold — colourful homeware, clothing, trinkets, lighting, furniture, jewellery, artwork… I could go on and on.

Vintage Love definitely gets the double tap in our Instagram feed — it’s near impossible not to ooh and aah at all the ‘stuff’. Of course, that’s intentional — if their page wasn’t full of stuff, they wouldn’t really be living up to their tagline, would they?


SquidLondon is a design company based in London, owned and run by two young fashion designers and entrepreneurs. They create colour changing rainwear for adults and kids. Inspired by Jackson Pollock, they love colour, energy and fun.

The SquidLondon Instagram page isn’t only nice to look at, but gives us a window into Viviane and Emma-Jayne’s journey as they grow their business. Since inception, they’ve gone from strength to strength, and seeing how they’ve achieved this and what The Squidders are up to is sure to inspire other young budding entrepreneurs.

Rich Nutrients

Who doesn’t like to drool over delicious-looking food, and better still, not even feel guilty about it?! Rich Nutrients — an online health and superfood store, owned and run by Brett and Debbie Turner — allows you to do just that!

Many of the items they stock are supplied by independent, small businesses. They use the products themselves to create delicious and healthy recipes, which they share on Instagram, along with new products and other tasty offers. We love how they often tag their suppliers into their posts, creating conversation and allowing people to discover more about their products.

The Village Goldsmith

Wellington jeweller, The Village Goldsmith, have been designing and crafting jewellery for over 30 years. From the retail store, customers can watch the master jewellers in the workshop, crafting unique pieces of jewellery.

The Village Goldsmith Instagram page is like an extension of the workshop, showcasing the inspirations behind their creations, interesting processes and stunning finished pieces. It provides a chance for people who can’t get into the store to still see the magic that goes on behind the scenes.

Cotton and Clay

Cotton and Clay is a Wellington-based online store selling beautiful handmade lifestyle products, homeware and decor. Owner Michelle was born and raised in South Africa and her design tastes are largely influenced by this. She carefully sources products from artists and designers who craft products inspired by nature and the vibrant South African culture.

The Cotton and Clay Instagram page is very well curated and beautiful to look at, cementing Michelle’s taste in unique and functional design pieces. She is also successfully creating an engaged community of followers by responding to comments, creating conversation and clearly having fun with her Instagram page!

Takeaways for your brand

Here’s some useful things we learnt while browsing these 6 Instagram pages:

  • Instagram is all about beautiful imagery.
  • Stay true to your brand, be real. Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, use your unique brand voice to capture the attention of your ideal fan.
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach specific groups of people.
  • Create conversations by tagging people, re-posting other people’s photos, and making sure to reply to comments.
  • Offer a view of your business/brand that people wouldn’t get elsewhere — don’t just post plain product photos.
  • Be creative and have fun!

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