Introducing The Storbie Market: Over 100,000 Products Available to Purchase In One Place

The Storbie Market has over 100,000 products that are available to purchase from Storbie stores throughout New Zealand, all in a single location. You’ll find perfume and cosmetics from Big Bucket Deals, jewellery from The Village Goldsmith, designer clothing from Carlson, merchandise from WWF New Zealand and so much more in the Market.

You’ll find unique and innovative products from online stores, big and small. The Market is intended as a way to help our customers succeed with their online store and encourage more people to live out the dream of owning their own business and selling online. Whereas other online store builders leave you to fend for yourself, with Storbie your products can feature in the Storbie Market, exposing them to more customers from the get-go.

The Market also encourages everyone to support their fellow online store owners and purchase within the Storbie community. Next time you’re looking for a gift for someone or maybe just something for yourself, search the Storbie Market and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what you can find!

What makes it different to other online marketplaces?

Other online marketplaces tend to de-emphasise a seller’s brand and emphasise the brand of the platform you are selling on. The Storbie Market is different. We built the Market as an added channel for individual ecommerce brands to have their products featured. If an online shopper sees something they like, they don’t buy it from Storbie; they click through to the individual ecommerce website and make the purchase through the merchant’s checkout. This is great because customers can connect with your brand, read your story and browse your full website, rather than staying within the marketplace that they found you on.

As we continue to develop and promote the Storbie Market, this will result in added exposure and sales for your online store. It is the intrinsic connections between Storbie online stores that enables products to surface together and enables the creation of marketplaces.

The online marketplace concept: Easily create and join marketplaces to support your efforts

The Storbie product will soon include a marketplace builder so that anyone can set up and manage a marketplace of business listings, products and services from numerous online stores, just as easily as it is to create an online store with Storbie. This also means that you can join marketplaces and expose your products to more and more engaged customers online.

Marketplaces have many applications in business and online commerce — shops and products can be clustered together by anyone or any group that recognises a commercial opportunity in collectivity. Shops belonging to a specific region or retail destination can band together to create the virtual equivalent of a mall or retail precinct (read more about the online CBD for Hamilton here). We have some more awesome NZ marketplaces in the pipeline which you can be a part of so stay tuned for the launch of these.

The marketplace builder is currently in development. The Storbie Market gives you a good idea of the product search functionality of marketplaces, so browse to your heart’s content — it’s also mobile friendly so you can shop on the go too!

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