The Storbie Online Marketplace Builder: Be Different Together

All standalone Storbie online stores will soon be supported by a growing network of marketplaces. Anyone will be able to create a marketplace to collectively promote individual brands, and any business will be able to join existing marketplaces to increase online exposure and sales. With Storbie, you can be different, together.

Online retail mirroring the physical world

In physical retail, competing or complementary businesses often band together in a cluster to increase the value, exposure and sales of their individual brands. The best of these clusters become brands in their own right. This could be a retail precinct, like Wellington’s quirky Cuba Street, for example.


At Storbie we realise that standing out from the crowd, gaining exposure and increasing sales in the online world can be even more challenging. So why not bring the idea of clusters online? With the Storbie marketplace builder, you can.

Storbie does ecommerce, and marketplaces, differently

Other ecommerce store builders leave you to fend for yourself. Storbie on the other hand will connect you to a growing network of marketplaces and customers, with the launch of the Storbie marketplace builder. Join marketplaces that make sense for your brand, and find new customers that are interested in what you’re selling. As a Storbie store owner, it is completely optional whether you join marketplaces or not.

Unlike traditional online marketplaces where individual brand identities are lost, in a Storbie marketplace, visitors connect with your unique brand and purchase from your individual online store checkout.

The ability to search across all products

Just like all Storbie online stores, all marketplaces are mobile friendly and can have multiple pages, subsections, media-rich content and their own domain name. Visitors can not only search across business listings in a marketplace but also across the products from all the online stores connected to that marketplace.


Join online marketplaces and grow your brand

How to connect to marketplaces

There are a few ways you’ll be able to join marketplaces:

  • Fill out a ‘request to join’ form within the marketplace. This gets sent to the marketplace administrator to approve.
  • The marketplace administrator can add you into their marketplace and email you an invitation to login and start editing your listing page.
  • Create a Storbie online store, browse through marketplace ‘categories’ and request to join.

Options for every type of business

If you already have a Storbie online store, then you’re all set to join marketplaces as they become available! Easy.

If you don’t have an existing Storbie store, when you join a marketplace you will be given a customisable one-page business listing within that site. A listing is free and can include up to three enquiry-only products.

You can turn your business listing into an ecommerce-ready website or fully-featured online store to add more content and products, and pay from only $35+GST per month. It’s super easy to bulk import products and images into a Storbie shop.

If you already have an ecommerce website (not with Storbie), you don’t need to replace it, simply use Storbie as a way to manage the products you want to be featured in marketplaces.

Here’s a handy infographic which explains the user roles within a marketplace:


Choose how you want to feature

Choose how you want your business and products to be displayed within a marketplace by selecting ‘categories’ that have been set up by the marketplace administrator.

Categories help you to categorise your business and products and also allow you to feature in special areas and promotions within a marketplace. Categorising your business may be free, while participating in a Christmas promotion, for example, may be a paid category. This is up to the marketplace administrator.


Creating an online marketplace

Anyone who recognises a commercial opportunity in collectivity will be able to set up and manage a marketplace, whether you’re an individual with a particular business passion, or an organisation such as a business association, city council or physical market organiser.

How to create a marketplace

Marketplaces will have all the features and functionality of a mobile-friendly Storbie online store (and are just as easy to create!), plus added content items in order to function as a marketplace. Tell your story with multiple pages, subsections, media-rich content and your own unique domain name, then add business listings, invite people to join and encourage them to add products in order to populate the marketplace product search.

Curating and managing marketplaces

As the marketplace administrator, it is your responsibility to curate and manage the marketplace. Invite businesses to join, approve requests and put out ‘offers’ for businesses to categorise their products and participate in promotions and features. In the future, there will also be further ways for marketplace administrators to monetise marketplaces. You’ll need to make sure businesses are keeping their information up to date and encourage involvement in order to make the marketplace compelling to shoppers.

The Storbie Market

The Storbie Market is filled with over 100,000 products from Storbie online stores. It is a good example of the product search functionality in a marketplace. Browse the Storbie Market here.


Great value monthly pricing plans to suit

Marketplaces will have tiered monthly pricing plans, based on size. These will range from a boutique option for clustering a small number of businesses together, to options for very large online marketplaces. For a one-off fee, Storbie can work with you to build your marketplace. Contact us to find out more.

Interested? The marketplace builder is on the way very soon!

The first marketplaces are currently being built for the Hamilton CBD and Gore. The marketplace builder will be launched publicly very soon. If you’re interested in creating a marketplace, please get in touch so we can note your expression of interest! If you’re a business that is excited at the thought of joining these new online marketplaces, start now by creating a Storbie online store so you’re ready to join when they become available. If you’d like us to keep you updated with the release of marketplace functionality, please get in touch.

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