Improvements To How Your Product Images Look & Perform With Image Carousel

We have greatly improved the appearance and performance of the images on a product page when the Large Image template is used.

  • Next/previous navigation buttons now appear when you hover over the main image, providing a convenient way for the shopper to view each image.
  • Improved thumbnail appearance.
  • A smooth scrolling carousel when there are too many thumbnails to display underneath the product image. The selected thumbnail stays centred in the carousel.
  • A modernised lightbox popup that appears when you click the main image, displaying the main image at a higher resolution. The modernised lightbox popup applies to the Small Images product template as well.

Due to these changes there are now three sizes for each product image: Thumbnail image > Main image > Full screen lightbox image (full screen provided that the source image is of sufficient resolution).


To take advantage of these improved features, set your default product page template to Large Image. To do this, go to the Manage area > Settings > Appearance > Product Display Preferences > Edit product preferences.

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