Your 2 Minute Workout – Shape Up Your Online Store With These 6 Easy Moves

We don’t mean to be fickle, but it’s a reality that the presentation of your online store has a big impact on whether visitors hang around to browse your products, whether they decide to buy, and whether they tell their friends about your website.

In other words, the look of your online store can have a direct effect on sales.

It also helps to refresh the look of your site from time to time so customers can see that you’re active online and your content is not outdated.

However, we know you don’t have hours to spend customising your website when you’ve got a business to run. No sweat! If you’re looking to freshen things up, here’s how you can spruce up your Storbie store in 6 simple steps by editing your page, navigation and button styles, fonts, and image sizes. 

It shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes — we timed it! That’s a tiny investment of your time which should result in longer visits to your site and more sales.

The following options are simply suggestions that we think look good — choose your own combinations or maybe you already have a particular look that suits your shop and your brand, which is great.

Publish any changes you’re currently working on then head to the Manage area, click on Settings then Appearance. Go through and edit the following options on the page. You might even find some new customisations you didn’t know about. Start the timer!

Your Shop Design

  1. Page display style
    If you’ve been using the framed page style, you could try the open page style for a modern look.
  2. Shop navigation style
    The ‘text’ navigation style is clean and simple and, with this option, you can also choose the alignment of your menu items.
  3. Heading & body font
    There’s no need to stick with Arial, why not try out one of the other contemporary Google Font options available in Storbie.
  4. Button style
    There are a bunch of button style options, a simple switch can give your store a whole new look. We’re liking the ‘outline’ style for something different. Choose your corner and text style too.

Content & Product Display Preferences

  1. Image size and consistent crop
    When it comes to images, we always think bigger is better. Large, high quality and consistent product imagery makes your site look appealing and it helps sell your products. Also, you could try the two column page and product gallery display, and square crop (if you know your images are inconsistent sizes), with no image border.
  2. Add a search box
    While you’re in the product display preferences wizard, add a search box because no doubt you want your customers to find what they’re looking for.

And you’re done! Check out your fresh online store. Remember you can preview your changes to make sure you’re happy before publishing.









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