Storbie Update: International Shop Features Launched

Storbie is excited to announce we have just released the first set of international shop features which enables the creation of Storbie online stores based anywhere around the world!

This is only the beginning of our international shop support and we have a set of improvements rolling out over the coming months that will provide much more flexibility. Many of the improvements will benefit New Zealand customers as well, such as a significant upgrade to options for shipping calculations.

The following features are in closed beta, so if you’d like them enabled on a store, please contact us at

Time Zone

You can now choose your shop’s time zone. This will change the date and time of all the dates that you see within your store, such as the date and time of orders. It will also affect the date on which promotions apply. For example, if you have created a promotion that is only effective on the 25th December then the promotion will take place on the 25th December according to your shop’s time zone.

Your time zone is able to be changed on your shop settings page in the manage area.

Shop Currency

We now support the following currencies in a Storbie shop:

  • Australian Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Euros
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • Pounds Sterling
  • United States Dollars

Note that the Flo2cash and Kiwibank Fetch payment gateways support New Zealand dollars only at this time, so you will need to choose one of our other payments gateways if you want to use one of the above international currencies.

You can change your shop’s currency in financial details area of your shop.

Shop Country

You are able to select a country other than New Zealand for your shop’s address on your settings page. If your shop’s country is not New Zealand then this will affect the following two areas:


If the country of your shop address is set to a value other than New Zealand then you will be able to set your own tax settings. You will have the following options:

  • Tax name: You can set your own abbreviated tax name to be displayed next to totals (e.g. GST, VAT, Tax etc.)
  • Local sales tax %: You will be able to set your sales tax rate for purchases which are being delivered to the same country as your shop’s country location.
  • Export sales tax %: You will be able to set your sales tax rate for purchases which are being delivered to a country that is not the same as your shop’s country location.
  • Excluding or including: You will be able to choose whether your product prices include or exclude the tax rate.
  • Sales tax number: You can optionally enter a sales tax number to appear on customer invoices.



Changing your shop’s address to a country other than New Zealand will change the shipping calculation area to provide for some basic shipping support for international stores. This is an area that will significantly improve in the coming months.

International shops will be able to select whether they will ship their products within their own country only, or to all countries. Shipping calculations can then be set for purchases being delivered to addresses within your shop’s country and separately, for orders being delivered to all other countries. You can vary the prices for different types of products and can provide customers with a choice of shipping methods.


Would you like to create an online store with international features? Contact us at to enable these features for your shop.

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