Storbie Now Integrates With Leading Payment Gateway eWAY

Storbie ecommerce now integrates with leading payment gateway eWAY. eWAY helps tens of thousands of merchants around the world process billions of dollars in credit card payments every year.

“eWAY is changing the way businesses get paid. After all, any gateway can provide you with technologies for taking payments. But that’s all they are: technological. eWAY is taking payments further — because we take them personal.

“By processing billions in payments every year, eWAY proves that secure, reliable payments are the result of helpful people who get you set-up simply and answer your questions quickly.

“eWAY offers tens of thousands of merchants all over the world a safe and frictionless all-in-one solution which is a cornerstone to ecommerce growth and success.”

There are no set up fees or fixed-term contracts when you use eWAY. eWAY’s affordable pricing plans scale depending on your transaction volume and value. They provide all-in-one solutions (merchant facility + payment gateway services) or simply gateway services if you already have a merchant account. Set up is simple – the eWAY team does all the hard work for you, even completing your bank account applications.

  • Get paid faster with same day settlement
  • Fast setup
  • NO contract binding periods or monthly minimums
  • NO setup costs
  • Access to eWAY’s 24/7 dedicated Support Heroes – to help you every step of the way

If you use Storbie and would like to offer your customers the option of paying through eWAY, simply sign up via the eWAY website and then enter your eWAY credentials in the Payment Methods settings area in Storbie. For further information on eWAY or to speak to someone from eWAY, visit their website.

Looking for an ecommerce solution to integrate with eWAY?

Storbie is the world’s easiest ecommerce shop creator. It provides all of the tools that you need to create a great looking and successful online store. Storbie is packed with ecommerce features and there are no technical skills required to create, manage and maintain your own website!

Find out more about Storbie

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