Storbie Launches Four New Online Shopping Marketplaces

Storbie is committed to developing the most loved ecommerce platform in the world. Unique to Storbie is the ability to create online marketplaces that connect numerous individual online stores and their products together but still allow shoppers to connect with individual brands and help businesses sell more. In this way, the Storbie online store and marketplace builder doesn’t leave retailers standing on their own in the world of ecommerce. Storbie enables businesses to optionally cluster together into marketplaces – under a common cause, category or geographic brand for example – to maximise their discovery, customer loyalty and business growth.

Storbie is showcasing this marketplace functionality by launching four new online marketplaces that are designed to include a wide range of online stores and their products. Shoppers can enjoy browsing across thousands of products in each marketplace and are then directed to individual online stores to make any purchases. Each of the four marketplaces are running launch campaigns with some awesome products on offer, check them out!

The Storbie Market

The Storbie Market

The Storbie Market showcases thousands of products from New Zealand online stores in one handy online shopping destination. The Storbie Market is kicking things off with a bunch of Cyber Monday deals. (Note this promotion has now finished, subscribe to the Storbie blog to keep up to date with future Storbie Market promotion opportunities)


The Giftfind marketplace

Welcome to the utopia for gift hunters! Giftfind is New Zealand’s most diverse online gift marketplace, bringing together items from an extensive range of Kiwi designers, retailers and boutique manufacturers. Giftfind makes finding the right gift easy by categorising gift ideas to suit different types of personalities and occasions.  It saves you hours of scratching your head, wandering around shops or trawling through search engine results!

Browse gift ideas on Giftfind now.


The Healfie marketplace

The Healfie marketplace is all about wellbeing! Put yourself and your health first by addressing the three angles of eating, moving and relaxing. Enjoy access to products, tools and helpful content to inform, guide and inspire you to be the Healfie version of yourself.

The Healfie Summer campaign aims to help your desired summer lifestyle changes and New Year’s resolutions stick and achieve the results you’re aiming for whether it is better eating, new exercise regimes or better management of stress.

Start now by browsing the Healfie marketplace!


The KiwiLabel marketplace

KiwiLabel is an online fashion marketplace filled with an eclectic mix of clothing and accessories from boutique NZ designers and manufacturers to well-established fashion brands and retailers. KiwiLabel celebrates the individuality and creativity that makes up the ‘Kiwi style’.

Browse KiwiLabel now and discover exciting new NZ clothing and accessories brands!

Information for Storbie online store owners

Participating in the four Storbie marketplaces is completely free! There are currently no charges. While this may change in the future, we encourage you to make the most of this free opportunity to increase your online exposure, website visits and sales. You can however opt out of these marketplaces at any time.

Visitors will be able to browse and search across all participating stores and products, then click through to your individual online store to purchase. All purchases are made directly via your online store and appear as a normal order within your store.

Benefits of being part of a marketplace:

  • Boost your brand exposure online
  • Benefit from the collective promotion of a marketplace
  • Increase visibility in search engines & traffic to your website
  • Drive enquiries and sales
  • Direct people to visit you in-store
  • Participate in promotions
  • Contribute blog content & be seen as a thought-leader in your industry

The ‘Markets’ tab in your Storbie shop Manage area

When you log in to Storbie you will see a tab in the Manage area of your online store called ‘Markets (beta)’. From here you can view, manage and search for connections to marketplaces on the Storbie platform. This is where you can opt in and out of marketplaces and nominate products into marketplace categories.


Marketplace Categories

Marketplace Administrators create categories for the businesses and products displayed in their marketplaces. You can then select categories which apply to you. For the launch of these four marketplaces, we have already opted in and categorised most of the relevant businesses.

Categories also allow you to feature in special areas and promotions within a marketplace. Each of the four new marketplaces are using this capability for their launch campaigns. You can participate by nominating the products you’d like to appear in these categories.

Find the corresponding category listed under each marketplace, select ‘Choose’ and then proceed to nominate your products. There are 3 options when adding your products into a category:

  1. Add all of your products to a category
  2. Add products associated with a particular product tag to a category
  3. Add individual products to a category

The choices available to you will depend on how the category has been set up by the Marketplace Administrator.

Get involved in these exciting promotions to boost your brand and products online!

We have kicked off the promotions by adding a small selection of products to these categories already. We encourage you to participate in all campaigns that are relevant to your business. We will be advertising these promotions through various online channels so take advantage of this free marketing! It is free to participate in all of the following campaigns.

The Storbie Market: Cyber Monday Deals
Cyber Monday is the biggest online sale day in the US and fast becoming recognised in NZ too. Create a Cyber Monday product special in your store and then nominate your product into the Cyber Monday category. (Note this promotion has now finished, subscribe to the Storbie blog to keep up to date with future Storbie Market promotion opportunities)

Giftfind: Christmas Gifts – Naughty or Nice?
Giftfind wants everyone to make a list and check it twice, then shop this Christmas for the Naughty or the Nice! So, are your Christmas gifts suited to the Naughty or the Nice? Nominate your top Christmas products now in this fun take on a Christmas gift guide. (Note this promotion has now finished, subscribe to the Storbie blog to keep up to date with future Giftfind promotion opportunities)

Healfie: The Healfie Summer Campaign
Healfie Summer connects customers with the products they need to make their summer and New Year lifestyle changes stick and help them achieve the results they are aiming for whether it is better eating, new exercise regimes or better management of stress.
Find out more

KiwiLabel: ‘Why We Do What We Do’ & SALE category
This campaign is about celebrating and sharing your passion for fashion – the inspiration, motivation and authenticity behind your clothing and accessories brand. Provide visitors with a deeper insight into your brand philosophy and essentially why you do what you do!
Find out more

If you have any questions about marketplaces and how to participate in these campaigns, please contact

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