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What’s new in Storbie: December

It’s been a busy start to the festive season for the Storbie team! We’ve released a bunch of exciting new features for both online shops and marketplaces that will help you grow your business. The team have added Facebook Pixel and Google AdWords conversion tracking (beta), a new billing system for Storbie so you can easily pay by credit card and switch plans yourself, a Markets tab in your Manage area to allow you to promote your products in our new marketplaces, and more improvements and fixes detailed below. For marketplaces, there is a new member opt in/opt out system, the ability to display products filtered by price and more!

Here’s what’s new:

Facebook Pixel – We’ve now taken this feature out of beta and made it available to all shops. Simply add your Facebook pixel ID in Storbie and set up is done! No need to edit your website code. You can then easily report on conversions, optimise your adverts for success and build website custom audiences for remarketing. Find out more.

Google AdWords conversion tracking (beta) – Track the success of your Google Adwords advertising campaigns by enabling conversion tracking. A conversion will be tracked when an order is placed through your Storbie shop checkout. Email to have this beta feature switched on for your online store.

New billing system – You can now easily switch between monthly plans (for example when you want more products in your shop) and pay your monthly Storbie subscription by credit or debit card, rather than via PayPal. In your shop Manage area, click on Settings and then Account. Here you can add your card payment information and change plans.

Markets tab in shop Manage area (beta) – Storbie helps your business succeed online by enabling you to optionally join marketplaces and promote your products in places that make sense for your brand. Marketplaces help customers find your products, connect with your individual brand and help you sell more.

You will now see a tab in the Manage area of your online store called ‘Markets (beta)’. From here you can view, manage and search for connections to marketplaces on the Storbie platform. This is where you can opt in and out of marketplaces and nominate products into categories. Storbie also launched four new online marketplaces to showcase this functionality and promote your products! Find out more.

Quick links to key Manage pages – From any view in Storbie, there are now quick links in the top right hand corner to your Products, Orders, Settings and Accounts pages. One less click = more efficient shop management.

Revamped experience when creating a new Storbie shop – When you create a new Storbie shop, you will land in the ‘Edit’ mode of a pretty swish default template shop that gives you a fantastic starting point for creating a website and makes it even easier to get selling online quickly and fuss-free.

Other notable improvements and fixes:

  • Twitter feed improvements
  • Improved mobile experience when site has many pages
  • Sitemap now excludes all child-pages of disabled pages
  • Child-page gallery improvements

New Marketplace Features

Marketplace features ultimately make your experience as a Storbie shop owner more rewarding too! We’re developing more ways for you to promote your products and successfully sell online via marketplaces. Here’s what’s new in marketplaces:

Filter products by price – Marketplaces can now display products with a price range filter. This could be used on its own or in addition to any currently available product filtering for example by category or search term.

Approve and decline marketplace join requests – The list of marketplace sites can be filtered by All, Active, Requested, Deactivated, and Declined. Easily accept or decline invites from shops wishing to join the marketplace.

Other notable improvements and fixes:

  • Improvements to marketplace site import

See our Marketplace Management support articles for more information.

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