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What’s new in Storbie: Ecommerce Tracking, GoSweetSpot Integration and more!

While we do love a classic April Fools joke, something we’re serious about is getting smarter with your data. So with that in mind, we’ve added ecommerce tracking for Google Analytics, plus more features designed to help you classify and boost exposure for your products. And while most people would agree that shipping is not a barrel of laughs, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear with the release of Storbie’s integration with shipping service GoSweetSpot. Here are more details about what’s new in Storbie this month.


Ecommerce Tracking for Google Analytics Integration (beta)

Ecommerce tracking records a bunch of really useful information about a customer’s journey through your site to purchase. For example, you can see which gallery they have added a product to the cart from, the prices of items they have chosen and their progress through the checkout and payment gateways.

The ecommerce reports in Google Analytics allow you to analyse purchase activity on your website. You can see product and transaction information, average order value, ecommerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other data.

To enable this feature in beta, please contact You will also need to enable ecommerce tracking in your Google Analytics Account by activating Enhanced Ecommerce. Log in to your Google Analytics account, click Admin and navigate to the View you want. In the View column click E-commerce settings. Toggle on Enable E-commerce, then Enable Enhanced E-commerce Reporting, and Submit.

gosweetspot logo

GoSweetSpot Integration (beta)

GoSweetSpot is New Zealand’s largest courier and freight aggregator allowing thousands of businesses to easily and inexpensively ship their products to destinations around the world.

With this integration your orders in Storbie will automatically be sent to your GoSweetSpot account for instant access to their shipping tools. This will save you a lot of time not having to manually enter your order details, not to mention saving money with GoSweetSpot’s discounted shipping rates. All in all, we’re making shipping a breeze!

The GoSweetSpot integration is available on the Professional and Premium plans; you can upgrade your plan from the Accounts page in your shop, then simply email and we will enable this feature for you in beta. In most cases the savings you make in time and shipping costs will far outweigh the increased cost to move to the Professional plan.

GS1 product classification schema

Product Classification

Storbie shops and marketplace listings now have the ability to classify their products according to the GS1 Global Product Classification Schema. You can set a default classification for the entire shop by editing Your Shop Profile in the Settings area.


You can also set a classification on individual products, through the product edit wizard or a bulk update by selecting “Assign classifications” in the product management area.

Once you have done this, you can use classifications to display sets of products in product galleries.

For marketplace administrators, the marketplace search content item now includes the ability to search and display businesses and products based on classification as well as on categories.

GTIN barcodes now included in product page structured metadata

If a barcode is included on a product and this is identified as a valid GTIN Barcode (either GTIN8, 12, 13, 14) then it will be included in the structured metadata of the product details page. This structured metadata is picked up by Google (and other search engines) which can boost your products in search results, particularly if consumers include a specific product barcode in their search.

We’ve got a bunch more exciting updates in the pipeline! The following features are coming soon:

  • Master item for footers
  • Product recommendations engine
  • Product gallery design improvements
  • ‘Select Options’ customer flow improvements
  • The ability to hide a page from a child-page gallery


  1. Hi, just wondering if you have any plans to integrate with MailChimps E-commerce functionality?

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for getting in touch! While this isn’t currently on our product roadmap, we would consider an integration if there was sufficient demand. Thanks for putting it on our radar! We will make a note in feature requests. We do have features in the pipeline which will be built into Storbie itself to further drive smart marketing and customer engagement, you can follow the blog to keep up to date with these releases.

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