10 Simple Content Ideas To Keep Your Pharmacy Website Updated

Keeping your pharmacy website updated with fresh content is a key factor in getting the most value out of your website. In this article we explain:

  • Why having an up-to-date website is so important
  • How to easily edit your website yourself to stand out from the crowd, with inspiration from other sites
  • 10 website content ideas, why each is valuable and how to implement them!

Why having an up-to-date website is so important

A website is anything but static. Your pharmacy website is set up from the get-go with key information pages to introduce your pharmacy and your services or products, and make it easy for customers to get in touch or visit you in store. This is a great starting point for regularly adding new content editing the look of your website to stand out from the crowd.

Multi-channel customers are the most profitable type of customer for your business. To take advantage of these customers who want to interact with you both online and in store, you need to engage them with up-to-date and interesting website content. Most businesses accept that having more content on their website results in better search engine rankings, more visitors and more sales. How?

  1. Search engines can find you more easily
    One of the main reasons why it’s a good idea to keep the content on your site fresh is that Google prefers it. The search engine likes to see active contributors and they favour sites that frequently update their content.
  2. Customers will have a reason to visit your website more often
    Returning visitors will appreciate updated content, and have a compelling reason to visit your site more often. Your pharmacy is an important part of your local community – use this as a basis for sharing timely community-centric news and stories.
  3. Up-to-date content will attract inbound links to your website
    By adding relevant and interesting content to your website, it is more likely that other sites and individuals will share links to that content. This is another key factor in helping to improve your search engine ranking, as Google favours sites that are deemed popular by way of inbound links and social sharing.

How to edit your pharmacy website yourself

The great thing is that you (or a staff member) can easily edit your website yourself on the Storbie platform. Custom-built websites require you to engage the services of a web developer and designer each time you wish to make a change or add content. As you can imagine, this becomes a very expensive task!

By familiarising yourself with the Storbie back-end of your website, you can quickly and easily make changes whenever you wish. You can also edit the look and feel of your website to stand out from the crowd. For design, layout and content inspiration, take a look at these comprehensive websites using the Storbie platform:

Start with the 10 ideas below, and follow the links to our Support Centre articles for step-by-step instructions. Remember, if you have any questions along the way, you can simply email us at support@storbie.com and we will be happy to help.

10 content ideas for your pharmacy website

1. Edit the appearance of your website

By simply refreshing your page, navigation and button styles, fonts, and image sizes, you can give your website a whole new look. Better yet, it should only take two minutes! Read how to update the look of your website here.

2. Showcase your physical pharmacy with more images or a slideshow of images

A picture paints a thousand words, right? Appealing imagery will help to show off your pharmacy and build trust with online visitors. Invest in a good camera or the services of a professional photographer to ensure you get high quality images.

Here’s how to add images to a page.

Here’s how to add a slideshow to a page.

3. Add a full width hero image to the top of each page

Have you seen Storbie’s full-width hero image in action? Check it out on the Pharmacy Place marketplace. This feature can instantly add a new look to your website, and you can also include text and a call-to-action. Once again you will need high quality imagery for this. Here’s how to add a hero image to a page.

4. Add a video

It’s not hard to find evidence to support the suggestion that video content should be part of your marketing strategy. According to video creation platform Animoto, 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Are there some interesting videos you can create or share? Here’s how to add a video to a page within your site.

5. Promote an in-store special

Every time you have a new special in your pharmacy, create a banner image for your website homepage to promote it to online customers. This is a great way to encourage online visitors to come in to your store.

6. Add a Health Info page and update this seasonally

Your patients rely on you for expert health and well-being advice. As more people search online for health information, this type of content becomes a great way to attract visitors to your site. Add a page to your website and update it with seasonal articles or information about common ailments.

7. Share customer testimonials

Build trust with new visitors to your website by publishing positive feedback from existing customers. The 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer found that 59% of Kiwis rate ‘people like me’ as being extremely credible and therefore trusted sources of information.

8. Add a community blog

As mentioned above, your pharmacy is an important part of your local community. You can use this as a basis for sharing community news and stories as well as pharmacy updates, via a blog page on your website. Westbury Pharmacy do a great job of this, check out their blog and get started with yours!

9. Feature a Meet the Team page

Demonstrate your credibility by profiling your team members and their credentials. Check out this article for more ways to maintain the human dimension in your online shop.

10. Upload more products and turn on ecommerce capability

Your pharmacy website is pre-populated with PSL’s catalogue of the top 100 pharmacy stocked products. You can continue to add more products to your online store, resulting in new content each time you add a new product and a big tick from Google.

Start by adding 3 products that are unique to your pharmacy. Follow these instructions to add a product now.

Your products will also appear in the Pharmacy Place marketplace, boosting their online visibility further.

You can choose to set your products to ‘enquiry only’ mode so customers can send you a message when they are interested in a product, or you can enable ecommerce on your website so you can fulfil online orders or offer a pick up in store service.

Get in touch with us if you would like help with any of the above!

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