What’s new in Storbie: Master item footers, product suggestions and more!

Ready for some new features to knock your socks off? Because this month we’re all about feet. Well, footers, to be exact. Come to think of it, while we’re on the topic of socks, would you like some shoes with that? You too can cross-sell to your heart’s content with our new product suggestions feature (beta). If you’re not getting a kick out of our puns, let’s move on to explain more about what’s new in Storbie this month.

Master Item – Footers

Ever found yourself adding the same thing to every page in your site? Did you know that with Master Items you can add this repeated content easily in one place and have it automatically show on all of your pages? Now, with Master Item – Footers you can add your footer content automatically to the bottom of your pages as well as other areas such as your sidebar or header.

When editing Master Pages, there is now a ‘page content’ placeholder. You can add master page items above or below this. Any master item that you place below your page content will act as a footer in that area on all pages by default. You can then optionally hide the content on individual pages.

Read more about adding a footer to your online store here.

Product Suggestions (beta)

Unleash the power of cross-selling and upselling with product suggestions! This powerful feature is proven to increase revenue, conversion rate and average order value.

You can add a ‘Product Suggestions’ content item to a page, product page, the cart, or as a page master item (perhaps as a footer!). Shoppers will see related and popular products as they browse your site, relevant to the product they are currently viewing and the products they have added to their cart. The product suggestions are based on previous purchases made by other customers that have shopped on your site. You can also choose to filter suggestions by products with a particular classification or product tags, and choose the maximum number of suggestions to display, up to 10.

To pilot this feature in beta for your online store, contact support@storbie.com. Try it out and send us your feedback!

Gallery “View Details” button and Quick-add feature

Recently, we made a small change to the buttons in product galleries to improve the shopping experience for your customers. The “Select Options”, “Add To Cart” and “Enquire” product gallery buttons were replaced with a single “View Details” button, ensuring that your shoppers see your full product details and options before adding the product to their cart or submitting a product enquiry.

We have now also added a Quick-add feature so customers can continue to add products to the cart from a product gallery, if you wish to provide this.

If you turn Quick-add on, in a gallery you will see:

  • Single-variant products will have an “Add to Cart” button
  • Multi-variant products will have a “View Options” button which takes shoppers through to the product details page to select options
  • Out of stock and enquiry only products will have a “View Details” button which also goes to the product details page

If the feature is turned off then all products will show a “View Details” button which goes to the product details page.  The Quick-add feature is off by default.

This feature can be turned on by default by navigating to Manage > Settings > Appearance > Edit product preferences. You can also turn this feature on for a product gallery, search results pane, or product suggestions by going to the “Edit” wizards for each of these content items.

Read more about Quick-add here.

Separation of purchasable products and ecommerce boost in marketplaces

Is your shop enabled for ecommerce? If so, you could benefit from a marketplace administrator’s new ability to “boost” products that can be purchased so that they appear at the top of the page.

Products in marketplaces now display an “Enquire” or “Buy Now” button depending on whether they are purchasable or not.

Also if a product is available in multiple locations (identifiable via the same barcode) then the product details page splits up the ecommerce products from the enquire only products.

Hide child page from child page gallery

Now when you are creating/editing a page you have the option to not show the page in a child page gallery, opening up some design possibilities for your online store. This option has been added to the “Visibility” step of the create/edit page wizard.

Increased caption length for images

We have increased the caption length for the image content item from 40 to 120 characters.

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