10 Ways For Pharmacies To Connect With Their Local Community Via Social Media

This Storbie article appeared in the June issue of Contact – the magazine for members of the Pharmacy Guild of NZ.

Pharmacies are an extremely important part of any community. A successful pharmacy represents successful relationships and a strong level of trust with members of the community. Social media allows you to amplify these relationships and connect with more members of your community. These 10 simple social media content ideas for pharmacies will help you achieve this.

Why digital communities matter

Is a sense of community important to your customers? It is reported that a huge 92% of Kiwis trust recommendations from their peers. With people spending more time in the digital space, the research and experiences that lead to these recommendations is happening online. The general expectation is that businesses will now be found on social media so they can join the conversation. If not, the conversation happens regardless (and you miss out on engaging with your community!).

Join the conversation with these 10 community pharmacy content ideas

Your pharmacy social media pages are an extension of the business itself and a great way to celebrate the values you hold and share with your local community. With that in mind, here are 10 ways you can connect with your community via social media platforms.

  1. Be community-centric: Share what is happening in the community
    Involved in a beach clean-up? Want to support the local school fundraiser? Post about it and tag the relevant groups of people involved.
  2. Provide useful health information and advice
    Your community looks to you as the experts. Share your health and well-being tips and direct people to your website to read more detailed information.
  3. Share the latest posts from the ‘Your Community Pharmacist’ Facebook page
    This community-centric page is facilitated by The Pharmacy Guild and is updated regularly with consumer health information and useful content that you can share to your page.
  4. Introduce your social media pages to customers in store
    This is a great way to connect with customers between visits and can easily be done with in store posters for example.
  5. Demonstrate your credibility –profile your trusted team members
    Visitors will immediately feel connected when they see a familiar face on your social pages.
  6. Pose questions
    Want more comments on your posts? Ask for it! Turn your post into a question, such as “What’s your top tip for staying healthy in winter? Ours is…”.
  7. Post interesting facts
    Small amounts of information are easily remembered – post quick and interesting facts that people are likely to recount to their friends and family.
  8. Respond to all questions and comments
    A simple “thanks for your comment!” goes a long way. Customers will feel appreciated and new visitors will see that you value community engagement.
  9. Encourage reviews
    Ask your loyal customers to post a review of your pharmacy on your social media page to show that you’re regarded as a valued part of the community.
  10. Recommend popular products
    While you can use social media to promote new products and deals from time to time, too much can come across as unwanted advertising and cause people to unfollow your page. If community engagement is your primary social goal, add products into the mix with “Popular Products” or “Staff Picks” posts which provide more information than typical advertising would.

Storbie CEO, Shane Bartle, was a speaker at the 2015 Pharmacy Business Network (PBN) and will be speaking at PBN again in 2017, alongside Asa Cox, Owner of consulting firm Pharmacy Digital. They will draw on their expertise and knowledge in the fields of ecommerce, multi-channel retail, digital marketing and the pharmaceutical industry to inform pharmacy owners and managers as to the importance of having a well-rounded online presence. Their insights are informed by what is happening in the consumer health market, looking at how it is changing and how pharmacies can adapt to attract and retain the modern consumer.

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