Automatically Sync the GO Healthy Product Catalogue With Your Online Store!

We recently announced that we are working on an online product catalogue management system for pharmacies. We’re now excited to say that GO Healthy will be one of the first suppliers to have their product catalogue ready to sync with a Storbie online pharmacy store through this system.

Pharmacies on our Professional Plan will be able to simply select which GO Healthy products they would like in their pharmacy online catalogue and they will magically flow into their website. These products will then be automatically updated with the latest changes, images and compliant descriptions. Better still, prices and stock levels will also synchronise with their POS system.

With the Storbie platform you’ll be able to connect with multiple suppliers all in one place and populate your own online store catalogue with ease. We know this is often a big challenge for independent pharmacies when it comes to setting up and managing a digital channel so we decided to fix that! Read more about our online product catalogue management system for pharmacies here.

Stay tuned for more announcements!


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