RxOne Integration Now Available for Pharmacies with Storbie

Your Storbie online shop just became even easier to manage, with RxOne integration now up and running.

This means that all pharmacies who use the RxOne POS in store can connect with their Storbie online shop to ensure price and stock levels are kept up to date automatically.

RxOne is also extending an offer to Storbie customers: for the months of November and December, you can add e-commerce functionality for just $1 (terms and conditions apply). Installation can be scheduled up until the end of January 2018.

Storbie is the New Zealand Pharmacy Guild’s preferred e-commerce platform for pharmacies due to our commitment to the pharmacy sector and delivering an end-to-send solution tailored for New Zealand pharmacies.

Integrations with RxOne, and shortly Toniq, help connectivity and simplify management. Additionally, with our Supplier Network you can sync your site with supplier-managed catalogues. These suppliers do all the work to keep your product imagery and content up to date.

To take advantage of the RxOne integration, call 09 300 7007 or email info@rxone.co.nz


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