Introducing the Omnishopper, your new favourite consumer

Online and offline shopping is merging as more “omnishoppers” appear in the marketplace. These consumers browse online and shop offline, and vice versa.

It’s now not enough just to have an online presence, but a catalogue of products is also expected so shoppers can browse on their own time.

About the Omnishopper

Omnishoppers will often browse in store while on their phone, so as to compare prices, read online reviews, scan barcodes, take photos of products, and discuss them with family or friends before purchasing. They are the ultimate researchers.

It would be a mistake to think that omnishoppers are just looking for a bargain. Research has found that omnishoppers are more loyal and engaged. They don’t just want a good price, they want a positive experience.

Omnishoppers aren’t new, but they are becoming far more common as ecommerce continues to expand.

Actions of an Omnishopper

  • Showrooming: purchase online after seeing a product in store
  • Webrooming: purchase in store after researching online
  • Click and Collect: purchase online to pick up in store
  • Click and Ship: purchase online while in store
  • Scan and Scram: scanning in store barcodes to find a better deal online

How to Engage Omnishoppers

These consumers embrace technology, so employ cross-channel marketing to ensure you reach them. Include avenues such as web, mobile, social, email and direct mail, along with how you present your brand in store. Each channel should have its own strategy and goals, separate from the rest.
Love, Lis shares different pictures and information across her social media networks and keeps in touch post-sale via mobile and email.

You must have a website that shows off your brand and products, and that’s compatible across multiple devices. Your site should be easy to navigate and look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
Rugs for All does a great job of showcasing their products which invites shoppers in store.

Incentivise loyalty by creating a positive experience. When shipping purchased goods (or arranging for pick up), opt to send a thank you note, discount code for their next purchase, or even a small gift of product you need to shift.
PuzzlesNZ provide wrapped sweets, which is a lovely surprise.


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