Te Arai BioFarma Joins Storbie Supplier Network for NZ Pharmacies

Storbie is proud to welcome New Zealand company Te Arai BioFarma to our Supplier Network.

As a pharmacy owner, you’ll soon be able to add Te Arai BioFarma products to your website in just a few simple clicks. All products will be loaded with the latest images, compliant descriptions and be updated as required automatically. Stock levels and pricing will also synchronise with POS systems. 

Delivering clinically proven front of store medical products, Te Arai supports pharmacies as the leading destination for quality healthcare. Te Arai BioFarma is a privately-owned company committed to improving the health and productivity of New Zealanders through the affordable control and prevention of disease. Many of their products play a role in helping to reduce antibiotic use.

  • UroFem, 1g dmannose tablets: Specialists choice for bladder and urinary tract issues. Effective for acute symptoms and long-term maintenance.
  • Lactigel: The only OTC treatment and prevention for bacterial vaginosis (BV) symptoms, including odour.
  • Microdacyn: The new gold standard in wound care Microdacyn heals faster. Strong protection from infection, all ages, all areas of the body.
  • BabySoothe: Treat and prevent inflammation related issues including eczema, nappy rash and dermatitis. Reduces itch, prevents infection and aids healing.

View the range of Te Arai BioFarma’s products here. Read more about Storbie’s online product catalogue management system for pharmacies here.

The Supplier Network is available to all pharmacy shop owners on Storbie’s Pharmacy Pro Plan.

Ensure your pharmacy has access to our Supplier Network now, email Storbie and we will help you get up and running!

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