Choosing the Right Colours For Your Website

The brain processes visual images faster than text, in fact 60,000 times faster, and colour plays a large role in us making quick judgements.

Colours can influence our mood and feelings, and it’s a great tool for subtle branding across your Storbie website so your business is perceived the way you want.

In the Management Decision Journal’s “Impact of Color on Marketing”, it states people make up their mind within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products, and about 62-90% of the assessment is based on colours alone. Colour, along with your website’s layout, can determine whether a visitor will continue to browse your site.

Take a look at your local fast food restaurant. It’s likely to be a vibrant red. This is because red is a known appetite stimulant, supported closely by orange and yellow. Think McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut.

If you’re selling edible items online, red is a great colour to choose. However, it’s best to stay away from blue which is an appetite suppressant.

What colour is Jenny Craig’s logo? Weight Watchers? Most weight loss companies use blue for all of their branding. (So if you’re looking to shed a few pounds, try dishing up meals on a blue plate, or installing a blue light in your fridge, the results might surprise you.)

The reason these colours create such different reactions is down to nature. In the wild there’s very little that’s blue and edible. Nature and our experiences combine to give us an immediate reaction to colour, whether we’re fully aware of it or not.

Colour psychology has been used for decades to market and sell to consumers, and you can easily incorporate it into your Storbie website’s branding.


A powerful colour, it is associated with energy, strength, determination, passion, desire, and love. In Chinese culture, red symbolises good fortune and joy. You’ll often see a lot of red and gold during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Sports Car Ferrari Red Power Auto Back Light

A favourite in marketing, it can be used to stimulate people to make quick decisions.

  • Bright red: appetite, energy, strength, power, excitement
  • Dark red: vigor, willpower, leadership, courage
  • Light red: joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, love
  • Light pink: romance, friendship, happiness, carefree, lighthearted
  • Bright pink: energy, playful, youth, vibrancy

Example: Glamore has splashes of pink across their website, including being featured in many of their products. A perfect fit for their vibrant target market and the playful products they sell.



Example: Orange is the perfect colour to complement Dean Proudfoot‘s artistic creativity.

Orange is associated with energy and creativity. It is a vibrant colour which encourages enthusiasm, success, and innovation.

Less aggressive than red, it produces an invigorating effect and stimulates mental activity. It is particularly attractive for children and teens. You can use it to attract attention and highlight important elements. Orange is great for promoting food and toys.

Orange can represent a cool and cutting-edge company, ideal for those wanting to promote a creative vibe.

  • Bright orange: endurance, health, appetite, energy, creativity, innovation, friendly
  • Red-orange: desire, passion, action, enthusiasm, warmth



Sunshine, happiness and joy! Yellow is a warm colour, which also reflects intellect and energy. It brings cheerfulness, and is a positive colour for children’s products and items related to leisure.

Demanding attention, yellow should be used in moderation. Too many shades of yellow can loose their cheery effect, and using too much can cause discomfort.

Yellow and blue go well together to create the feeling of carefree summers and time spent outdoors.

  • sun-flower-2824894_1920Light yellow: intellect, freshness, joy, sunshine, optimism, hope, youth
  • Bright yellow: happiness, energy, hunger, glory, warmth
  • Gold: elegance, prestige, illumination, wisdom, wealth, winning, spirit, treasure
Kode Boutique - Yellow

Example: Kode Boutique creates a feeling of leisure as they incorporate a fresh and youthful yellow.


A calming colour, representing nature and the outdoors, green symbolises safety, growth, and good will. It also is a strong colour for wealth and money, especially when used with gold.

Branches Green Aesthetic Red Oak Leaves Tree

Green is best used for advertising medical and natural products, or items relating to the environment.

  • Light green: fertility, health, freshness
  • Bright green: nature, safety, endurance, sustainability, growth
  • Dark green: money, ambition, stability
  • Aqua: healing, protection
  • Olive: peace, harmony, relaxing, healing
little chintas - green

Example: Green is ideal for animal-related products, as used by Little Chintas.


pexels-photo-457881-e1519098828593.jpegThe colour of the sky and the sea, blue is linked with calmness and reliability. It is also most people’s favourite colour, followed by red and green.

Good for the mind and body, blue is cool, it’s trustworthy, and it exudes wisdom, peace and confidence.

Blue is said to slow metabolism and is used to suppress appetite. Mixed with complimentary colours, it can add a vibrancy to your product or business.

Ideal for products relating to the air and water, blue also suits pure, intelligent or high tech elements.

  • Light blue: health, healing, wisdom, tranquility, understanding, softness
  • Bright blue: confidence, trustworthy, loyalty, trust
  • Dark blue: knowledge, integrity, stability, corporate, dependable, strength
Rose in Thorns - Blue

Example: Blue themes Rose in Thorn‘s photos, adding to the relaxing feeling of the gorgeous soy candles.


Purple has long been associated with royalty and prestige. Less than 200 years ago, purple cloth was unavailable to anyone except the incredibly rich and royal, and that feeling of exclusivity has stuck.


While associated with prestige and power, it is also has connections to creativity, magic and mystery. This makes the brighter hues appealing to children.

  • Light purple: romantic, nostalgic, dignity, healing
  • Bright purple: creative, mysterious, magic, pre-teen
  • Dark purple: power, prestige, wealth, extravagance, ambition, independence, nobility, wisdom, royalty, luxury
X Pole - Purple

Example: X-Pole are really clever with incorporating purple all through their website, mixing magic and mystery with power and prestige.



Example: Back Your Team makes the perfect choice with black, the unofficial colour of NZ supporters.

Black is the absence of colour, but in marketing it can add power and strength.

Black is versatile in that it can appear modern or traditional. Use black to add depth to other colours and enhance moods, or pair it with white for a classic approach.

New Zealand companies often make use of black, white and silver, due to its dominance in our sporting branding. Maori designs incorporate black, white and red.

  • Black: sophistication, authority, formal, power, strong, credible
  • Brown: earthy, comfort lending, natural, business

Black keys


silverSilver is associated with science, technology and therefore modern products and businesses. With its use in medals and coins, it can also project prestige and wealth. Silver’s metallic aspect means it comes across as sleek and smooth.

A lighter hue relates to mediation, hope and intuition, and can be a calming choice.

  • Light silver: illuminating, balance, mystic, intuitive, cool, mysterious, strength
  • Dark silver: industrial, sleek, high tech, modern, sophisticated, elegance, wealth
  • Grey: cool, neutral, balanced, conservative
coko silver

Example: Seek, cool, and sophisticated sum up Coko, who uses silver across their website.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhite is a positive colour relating to purity and cleanliness, it’s often used for medical, heath and spiritual products and businesses. Adding space and brightness, white also represents a clean slate and a fresh start.

While in western culture we link white with weddings and brides, it is helpful to know that red takes its place in eastern culture, representing good luck and celebration, while white is reserved for funerals and mourning.

  • White: purity, illumination, good, cleanliness, simplicity, safety, balance, calm, new, fresh, elite, perfection
  • Beige: dependable, conservative, natural, relaxing

Example: The clean and crisp white across Wilshi – The Proposal Ring‘s website, symbolises the freshness and simplicity of their idea, as well as being representative of a white wedding.

Incorporate colours throughout your Storbie ecommerce website using “Your Shop Design” editing tools, or by using the colours in your site’s photography to tell the story of your business.

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