Connect with the Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network

Storbie is the website and e-commerce platform recommended for pharmacies by the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand.

We know through our work with the Guild, and the hundreds of pharmacy owners we deal with throughout New Zealand, that one of the biggest challenges pharmacy owners face in managing a website is time.

That’s why we’ve created the Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network, which allows pharmacies to load products to their Storbie website faster than ever with compliant descriptions and quality images direct from suppliers.

This solves the problem of compiling an online pharmacy product catalogue alone, and having to keep it up to date. We’ve already done the work.

See the Pharmacy Supplier Network in action:


Showcasing the product catalogue on a pharmacy website is important for:

  • increased visibility for the online pharmacy, creating more traffic
  • web influenced sales; customers knowing a pharmacy has a product before going in store

Click here to find out more about the Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network, and contact our support team via to discuss being part of the network created for New Zealand Pharmacies.

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