What’s New in Storbie: Increased SEO through HTTPS across all pages

2018 is fast becoming the year for online privacy. It’s not just about hiding Facebook posts from family members, but also for data privacy and secure internet browsing.

Storbie has always employed technologies called SSL and HTTPS to encrypt and protect your checkout, login information, and shop management.

In an effort to encourage a more secure internet, Google has started applying a small search boost to all encrypted pages, including those that don’t capture sensitive user information.

To take full advantage of this, we are preparing to take Storbie encryption a step further, with site-wide SSL/HTTPS encrypting every page of your shop. Previously, an SSL certificate would be required to be purchased for custom domains. However, Storbie is upgrading your shop to use site-wide encryption for free!

  • No developer cost
  • No annual certificate renewal cost

In fact, for Storbie shop owners, no action is required at all. Storbie will automatically request and renew SSL certificates for your domain name. It’s just one of the things Storbie does to make selling online safer and easier, so that you can concentrate on what you know best: your products.

The benefits of SSL/HTTPS on your Storbie website include:

  • Improved search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Safe browsing over insecure networks, such as public wifi
  • Customers are more likely to trust and complete purchases from sites that use HTTPS
  • Customer information is encrypted and cannot be intercepted

This update is in the process of being rolled out and will be completed over the coming weeks. If you would your website to be one of the earlier adopters, please let us know via our Support Team.

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