SEO Guide – Step 8: Settings

To be visible on web searches, your website needs to have strong SEO.

By following through the previous steps in our guide, your Storbie shop will be optimised and looking great for your customers.

In the final chapter, we take you through the extra settings that Storbie has available.

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When you search on Google or Bing, there are three main parts to each result: the title, the URL, and the description.

The title should include your business name and some relevant keywords, and the description should be a brief synopsis about your company, including all the keywords chosen earlier:

Very Well - google

Storbie by default does this all for you. So long as you’ve gone through the other steps listed in our SEO guide, you don’t need to do anything more.

However, Storbie has an SEO Settings editor which lets you decide exactly what will show up in searches in case you want to use different wording than what you have written on your actual page or product description.

Simply click “This Page” while in editor and select “Edit SEO Settings” from the drop down menu. Fill in the title, description, and add your keywords.

Very Well - SEO

The option to edit your settings is available on every page and product.

If you choose to make amendments, don’t panic if you find the editor is blank. If it is blank then Storbie uses text from the product or page instead.

Editing your settings in this way is completely optional, and is only required if you want to change what is shown on online searches. The previous steps in our guide are what make your website visible.

Please note that updates are not instant, so it will take days or weeks for your changes to appear in search results. Also, in some cases Google might choose to ignore these fields and display more relevant pieces of content from your page instead.

For more information about optimising your Storbie shop and to watch a video from Google Engineer Matt Cutts, view our support article here.


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