Create a Home Page with Impact and Revitalise Your Online Shop

How often have you looked around your living room and wanted to rearrange the furniture or bring in new items to freshen up the space?

What about your website?

Moving furniture is linked to creativity and mood elevation, and you can get the same rewards from an update on your website.

And there’s even more benefit to be had from changing just a few settings online, including a boost in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There are no set rules on how often you should change up your site, as it’s different for every brand and business. However, if it’s been a few years, it’s likely time for a little nip and tuck.

Whether you have hours or just minutes to spare, here are some easy adjustments to revitalise the look of your website.

Home or Child?

One of the first questions to ask is do you have a home page set up on your Storbie website, or do visitors go straight to a child page?

This PageIf you’re unsure, while in Edit mode go to the main page that visitors land on, and hover over “This Page” at the top (next to “Changes”).

If “Edit Home Root Page” comes up as an option, like it does on the example image to the right, then you’re on a child page. If the option doesn’t come up, you’re on the home page.

It’s up to the individual over preference for landing pages, but if you’d like a home page which gives you the opportunity to introduce your business before inviting customers to shop, then all you have to do is select “Displayed” under “Page ‘Home’: visibility” as per the below image. More on this here.

If you’ve never had a home page before, there’ll be a bit of editing to do to bring it up to the standard of the rest of your website. But if you’re after a landing page that welcomes your customers into your online shop, it’s well worth the effort.

Page Home Visibility

Rewrite It

A refresh of your text will both reengage shoppers and search engines.

Take a look at your About page. Is it still up to date? Relevant? What about your keywords?

You know your business and your products better than anyone. But remember, often people coming to your website are visiting for the first time. They can’t pick up and hold your items, and so a clear description of products is required. For example, if you’re selling pet collars, name the animal/s they’re suited for in the title and throughout the description.

If you’re simply naming products as colours like “Forest Green” or “Gun Metal” without stating what the product is, search engines won’t associate you with the intended product, and shoppers won’t always recognise what your product is at first glance. You could be missing out on appearing in search results, which in turn means missing out on possible sales.

“Forest Green Dog Bandana” or “Gun Metal Dog Collar” spells out clearly what product is on offer and is more likely to be found by search engines like Google, and clicked on by potential buyers.

Hero Image

Your hero image is an opportunity to mix it up with both images and style. Lifestyle Snaps are best suited here, stirring up a positive feeling of using your products. But a well laid out photo of products in a natural surrounding, a group photo of your products, or behind the scenes shot will all work well. Examples of product photography types can be found here.

You can use effects like the image scrolling slower or faster than the rest of the page, or have it frozen like in the below example. Here’s how to add and edit a hero image on your page.

Don’t have an image ready to go but want a quick update? Download free stock photos from Pexels, Pixabay, and RawPixel. Always check the license agreement before using images as while most images on these sites are free, some have conditions like attribution.


Slide Show

Some of the best home pages simply use a slide show with beautiful imagery, and encourage users to click through the tabs to shop.

Slide shows can be used to show off promotions and deals, product ranges, lifestyle photos, quotes and so much more. Feeling really creative? Tell a story through your slides.

You can link each photo to a different page on your website – perfect for those special offers! Choose a fade, slice, slide or fold effect to change slides. We’ve used the fade effect in the below example with four images. Here’s how to add a slideshow to your Storbie website.


Tweak It

In Storbie’s Settings, select Appearance to modify your overall shop design. Find step by step help here.

Your colour scheme sets the tone across your site. Read more about choosing the right colours for your website.

Choose between a framed or open page display style, swap from tab to the text navigation style, and play around with its alignment. You can also offer visitors a site search, mix up the font for headings and body, add a favicon (shortcut icon), and change the design of your buttons.

Shop Edit 2

While in Appearance Settings you can also update your Gallery Display Preferences.

The layout lets you choose how your galleries are displayed on the page, the crop gives you the option of ensuring all of your images are the same size and shape, and a thin border can help frame your images.

In Product Preferences, play around with how your individual products will be viewed, and multiple products will be laid out.

There are also shopping cart options. Opt to enable quick-adds, amend the time a one-off sold product will remain viewable, and whether to have an ‘Enquire’ option for products.

Time vs Change

Depending on the time you have and how much of a different look you’re after, you can do just one, a few or all of the above amendments. On their own, each only takes minutes. If you’re looking to do a larger overhaul of your site, plan to spend at least an hour.

You may find benefit in walking away for a bit and coming back to your website with fresh eyes. Another set of eyes from a friend or business partner always helps. And when in doubt or in need of a hand, the team from Storbie Support are available to assist. Check out our FAQ in Support or email


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