New Social and Email Share Icons

At Storbie, we’re constantly tinkering away in the background and making improvements for both you and your customers.

One of our latest projects has been to create a new option for customers to share a link to your your web page or products to friends and family.

The new Share Icons replace AddThis and provide:

  • New designs to choose from
  • Multiple placement options for Share Icons
  • Faster loading
  • Better privacy
  • Share events created in Google Analytics

The new design options include circles and squares, grey scale and colour, with or without borders. They can also be placed anywhere on the page, not just the sidebar.

And if you use Google Analytics, which is a great way to measure visitors, the new design creates “Share” events.


The current share widget, AddThis, has around 200 share options, however there are only a few actively being used. The others are just slowing down your page! Facebook was the most popular option for sharing, accounting for 84%, Twitter 6%, Email 5%, Pinterest 3%, and all remaining 195 options made up the remaining 2%.

The new selection from Storbie covers over 99% of the actual social media shares that were facilitated through AddThis, supporting Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. When positioned in the sidebar, Google+ and LinkedIn are not shown.

The default style for freshly created Storbie shops will be grey circles without a border.


add-this-convertFor sites already using AddThis, the new design will replace it, but in a similar style. All site owners can then choose from the new range of design options.

The new icons will be rolled out over the coming days and will automatically replace AddThis on all Storbie websites.

For any questions please contact

new designs

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