Add Arthrem® to your pharmacy website with the Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network

Storbie is proud to announce that Arthrem®, one of New Zealand’s most popular joint support products, is now available in the Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network.

Arthrem® is a top quality, plant based, supplement for joint maintenance – a product based on excellence as Promisia, the company behind Arthrem®, carefully manage the full process from farm to your pharmacy. The natural formula of Arthrem® may help people maintain healthy function, flexibility and mobility in stuff and worn joints long-term. Unlike many other dietary supplements. Arthrem® has been clinically studied.

Manufactured here in New Zealand, Arthrem®:

  • may help to reduce stiffness and to improve physical function of the joints;
  • is a natural product with the key ingredient being a high-quality extract from the plant Artemisia annua;
  • is made from the finest ingredients;
  • is the only Artemisia annua product to have been clinically-tested;
  • can be taken long-term;
  • is produced by Promisia, a New Zealand company focused on combining science and nature.

For pharmacies on our Pharmacy Pro Plan, you can now connect with Promisia and select Arthrem® to have available on your Storbie pharmacy website. Arthrem® will appear on your site with compliant descriptions and images, and will automatically update as required by Promisia.


Get connected now. Contact our support team today to discuss how you can easily load products in your pharmacy as part of the Supplier Network.

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