Phoenix MedCare Joins Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network

Phoenix MedCare is the latest New Zealand supplier to join the Storbie Pharmacy Supplier Network.

Well-known for their family planning range, including the SwimCount Sperm Quality Test and EasyCheck Ovulation Kit, Phoenix MedCare has a core focus in medical devices, diagnostic testing and premium OTC pharmacy-only lines.

For pharmacies on our Pharmacy Pro Plan, you can now connect with Phoenix MedCare and select which of their products you want to have available on your Storbie pharmacy website. Products will appear on your site with compliant descriptions and images, and will automatically update as required by the supplier.

Phoenix MedCare provides products to the healthcare sector that improve care options and deliver increased community wellbeing through leading technology, supply chain efficiency and innovation.

Phoenix MedCare products available:

  • Animé Lubricant
  • Applicators for Pessaries and Suppositories
  • Caya Diaphragm Gel
  • EasyCheck Ovulation Kit
  • EasyCheck Pregnancy Test
  • Prefert Vaginal Gel
  • Premono duo
  • ProNordic fastmelt Probiotics for Immune Health
  • SwimCount Sperm Quality Test


Get connected now. Contact our support team today to discuss how you can easily load Phoenix MedCare products in your pharmacy as part of the Supplier Network.

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