Storbie Feature Update: New Product Gallery Features, Live Chat and Much More

Here at Storbie, we have been flat out with a bunch of exciting new features we’ve been working hard to get ready to release to you!

We have added functionality that makes it even easier for your customers to checkout and for you to have more certainty of a valid delivery address.

As well as that, we think you’re going to love the new page and product gallery layouts – think clean, modern and uniform product listings all with the click of a button.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat, Abandoned Orders and a Performance Insights Dashboard are all part of this update too.

Scroll on down to learn more and find out how you can preview these brand new features on your Storbie website!

New Storbie Site Features

Address Lookup PREVIEW

Take the guess work out of delivery addresses and let Google do the work of automatically suggesting and completing valid address fields on your customers behalf during checkout, complete with postcode!

International Tax Options (for NZ Customers)

If your pricing includes GST you now have the option to remove the GST component for orders to non New Zealand Addresses. The adjustment is made at the checkout when the customer enters their delivery address.

Product Gallery Layout PREVIEW

Update the style of your Product Gallery pages using the new product gallery styles available in the Appearance section of your Storbie site.

Product Gallery Style: Modern

Stylise your product galleries with the new grey background feature for your product images and define the boundaries of your product tiles with the shadow setting to bring a new dimension of professionalism to your product pages.

Additionally, enjoy the masonry style layout where items stack under each other instead of displaying in a grid with uniform rows.

Product Image Cropping: Shrink & Trim

Choose the handy new shrink and trim feature so your product images appear beautiful and uniform without any awkward cropping cutting off parts of your product photos!

Child Page Gallery Overlay PREVIEW

Child Page Gallery Style: Overlay

Use the new overlay feature on your child page galleries. Overlay shifts your category titles to the tile and overlays a transparent section to modernise the whole look and feel.

We’d love to hear your feedback and welcome any suggestions that you may have. Send us a quick message to

Abandoned Orders PREVIEW

Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to reach out to a person who almost became a customer and convert them into an actual one?

Now, with Abandoned Orders you can. When a potential shopper fails to complete their order after transferring to the checkout, the details can be retrieved from within your Storbie site.

This is one step on the path to Abandoned Order emails. We would love your feedback on what you would like to see as part of the expansion of the capability in this area.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat PREVIEW

Customers can now easily start a conversation with you directly within your Storbie website, in real-time by selecting the Facebook Messenger icon in the bottom right of your site.

If you’re keen to give this a go, you’ll need to ensure that your team are actively monitoring your Facebook Messenger account. Nobody likes being greeted with silence by a live chat service!

Insights Dashboard PREVIEW

For some time, Storbie has supported an integration with Google Analytics, giving you detailed analysis and insights on the performance of your online shop. However, Google Analytics can sometimes be a bit overwhelming so wouldn’t it be nice to have access to key website performance data right within your Manage area? 

Good news! With Storbie’s new Insights Dashboard, you can analyse key performance data of your products and pages over your morning coffee. It couldn’t be easier!

Please note: At this stage, Storbie insights are limited to activities, such as website visits and page views, that originate in New Zealand. If your Storbie online shop is frequented by international visitors, the Storbie Insights feature isn’t quite ready for you yet.

Let us know with a quick message to if you’re keen to try out some of the new Preview* features and in the meantime, we’ll get back to work on the next lot of releases!

*Wondering what Preview means? Learn more here.