Manual Order Creation has Landed at Storbie

Sell to customers who require customised product adjustments? Want an easy way to take payment online for quoted orders or custom products?

No matter the reason, if a customer needs to pay a unique price for a product or has requested a phone or Facebook messenger order for a set of products – prepopulate a cart for them, send them a link, they review the details and make payment. It’s easy and we’re excited to announce that this feature is available to preview in your Storbie website now!

Manual Order Creation 

 The Manual Order Creation feature enables you to populate a shopping cart on your website with a selection of existing products or custom products then send your customer a unique link to that cart to process payment.

Adjust the price and name of products to fit the unique requirements of your customer’s purchase.  For example, create a manual order for an item or service you have previously quoted a customer for!

Manual Order Templates

Have a group of customers that need to pay you for the same thing? Or a specific manual order that you need to create time and time again?

This is where Manual Order Templates come in. Create a re-usable template for a common order and send the link to multiple customers to complete their purchase.  

With Manual Order Templates, customer details are left off the form, so individual customers complete their own information through the check out process. 

Another handy tip; create a template and use it as an easy starting point for  new Manual Orders to streamline your workflow. 

This feature is now available to preview for Storbie customers on the Professional Plan. Request early access to the Manual Order Creation feature by messaging our Customer Success team at