Author: Craig

Craig is the lead developer in the Storbie team. Fortunately, working with Shane in a previous job did not scare him off too much and he is now developing new features for Storbie. In his ‘out of Storbie time’ Craig tries to spend as much time as possible with his family and also loves to get out into the outdoors, running, tramping and a bit of climbing.

Unique Product Codes

Within the next week or so you will see a couple of changes within your Smallfish store, paving the way for product import/export which we are very pleased to say is going to be available very soon. (more…)

Xero Accountability

Integration with Xero has arrived! You can now send your sales directly into Xero via a CSV file. Before you start loading all your sales there are a few things you need to know so grab your abacus and hop on the train to fun town because we’re going to blow your mind. (more…)