Author: Shane

Shane founded his first software company while still at high school. While this didn’t help him get a girlfriend it was the beginning of a long love affair with making people‑friendly software. While building yet another online shopping site for a friend he realised that the only way that it was possible to have your own web shop was to shell out lots of cash or make friends with a geek. Who wants to do either of those? He hopes that you have as much fun using Smallfish as it was to make and now nurture.

Automatically Sync the GO Healthy Product Catalogue With Your Online Store!

We recently announced that we are working on an online product catalogue management system for pharmacies. We’re now excited to say that GO Healthy will be one of the first suppliers to have their product catalogue ready to sync with a Storbie online pharmacy store through this system.


Storbie’s Vision for a Pain-free Pharmacy Online Store Product Catalogue Management System

Updated 19 Dec 2017

Over the last 12 months Storbie has quickly grown to be the biggest supplier of ecommerce-capable websites to independent pharmacies in New Zealand. During that time, we have spoken to hundreds of pharmacies, come to admire the important work that they do and appreciate the way that they manage a complex and challenging business.

Pharmacies are not only delivering an important health service – that many of us take for granted and takes years of training, focus and attention to detail – they are also managing a complex retail business, bringing together products from hundreds of suppliers into a busy store. It’s no wonder that pharmacies often struggle to find the time to get their pharmacy and product catalogue online even if they appreciate the importance of doing so.

Identifying the challenges of online product catalogue management for pharmacies

At Storbie, we are a practical bunch. We are always striving to identify and solve our customers’ real challenges. We have also always been the champion of the independent retailer. While working with pharmacies, we have come to learn that the biggest challenge facing the independent pharmacy in New Zealand regarding setting up and managing a digital channel is the product catalogue.

Storbie is hiring! Become a member of the marketing team

Storbie is the online shop platform which empowers the independent retailer. Our customers can easily create and manage their own ecommerce website, and optionally join marketplaces on the Storbie platform to reach more customers and sell more online. There are over 110,000 products, over 275,000 unique monthly visits, and many millions of dollars’ worth of transactions processed across our customers’ websites. Storbie is fast becoming NZ’s leading ecommerce provider.

The Storbie head office is based on Willis St, Wellington.

About the Role

Storbie is experiencing rapid growth: to support this we are searching for a high performing and energetic Digital Marketing Executive to help design, drive and execute marketing activities across all aspects of the business.


Storbie Named as Deloitte 2015 Fast 50 Rising Star

Storbie Rising Star AcceptanceStorbie was totally chuffed to be named as a Deloitte 2015 Fast 50 Rising Star at the Wellington & Lower North Island awards last night! You can see all of the regional winners and rising stars here.

Goodbye Smallfish… Hello Storbie! Find out everything you need to know about our rebrand

Hi, Shane here, Smallfish Founder and CEO

Remember back in February when I sent a message out talking about what a monumental year 2015 was going to be? I mentioned some aggressive expansion plans for Smallfish and while I didn’t go into any further detail back then, I’m pleased to say that I can spill all the beans now. If you joined Smallfish post-February, well then you picked a good time! Everyone in the Smallfish team have been working extremely hard to take our product to the next stage of its life, build upon our platform to better it for our existing and future customers and further realise the overarching vision of Smallfish — the growth of a global network of shops and shop clusters that are intrinsically connected yet all unique. We are nearing a tremendously important milestone in our work. I’m excited to announce that very soon Smallfish will be formally transitioning our brand, our product, our company name and all of our efforts to Storbie. (more…)

The Next Generation Hosted Payment Solution from DPS – PxPay 2.0

DPS Payment Express Logo

Smallfish now supports PxPay 2.0, the latest upgrade to DPS’s hosted payment solution.

PxPay 2.0 supports multiple payment methods and gives you more customisation options for your payment page. The upgrade also gives your customers the option of Account2Account as an alternative to using a credit card. Account2Account accepts online payments directly from your customer’s bank account into yours in real time by utilising the online banking system. This is great as it offers an alternate payment method for your customers who don’t have, or choose not to use, a credit card. (more…)

Smallfish Sings the Blues

It ain’t easy being green and so we have decided to paint ourselves blue.

Smallfish Home Screenshot

Gone is our ‘ode to Kermit in charcoal’ colour scheme, replaced with a brighter bluesy theme showing our happy customers hugging their laptops with delight because they love their Smallfish online store so much.

Why did we make the change? Well, why not, and we think it’s more welcoming with a greater sense of fun which suits what we’re about.

We hope you like it.

All New Support Site

Our support site has been transformed from a bit of a, let’s be honest, ‘dog’s breakfast’ to something that we are very proud of. The content has been completely re-written into a set of step-by-step how-to guides that can be read individually or browsed through sequentially as an end-to-end user guide. The content also now reflects many new features that you may not know about and can be easily switched on within your existing store. (more…)

Coming Soon – Undo

Have you ever clicked the button on your mouse and then immediately wished you hadn’t? Perhaps you’ve just accidentally deleted a Smallfish shop tab and all of its pages or trashed the wrong product? Wouldn’t it be nice to do a ‘Dr Who’, go back in time and make it all OK again? Welcome to Smallfish’s new undo feature. (more…)

Vend Point of Sale Integration

A common challenge for stores that have both a physical and online presence is that the web shop and physical store products are one and the same. If you sell your last Weka tea towel in your store, you want it to automatically go out of stock on your web site before you find yourself having to make an embarrassing phone call. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if you could load a new product into your Point of Sale system and have it automatically appear on your web site with no extra work? Well… we have good news! (more…)