Author: Andrew

Andrew’s love of technology is spurred by an industry that never stands still. He is a Microsoft certified developer with over 16 years of experience building websites and software for businesses throughout New Zealand. He is continually inspired by the clever and innovative products that business owners sell using the Storbie platform.

Responsive Design For Smallfish Ecommerce Websites: Sneak Preview Of Your Mobile Friendly Online Store!

Responsive Design is the recommended technique for optimising a website for different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. It enables the website to adapt to any screen size.

This method is now favoured over the traditional approach of building a separate mobile website for small screen devices. Additional screen sizes have become common and the capabilities of mobile devices and desktops are converging. A single website is also a lot easier to maintain for the shop owner.

The Smallfish team have been hard at work developing Responsive Design support for all Smallfish shops. Here is a preview! (more…)

Domain Names Demystified

Every Smallfish website has a unique web address (also known as a URL) that customers can type into their computer to find your shop. (more…)

Google Analytics + Smallfish

Google have their fingers in all sorts of different pies these days. From email, to photos, to document sharing – they’ve had a good crack at becoming the one-stop-shop for web users. One of their more successful pies is the ‘Web Masters’ collection of tools including Google Analytics. (more…)