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Simple Product Photography Tips From A Professional Photographer

Keith Bennett, professional photographer, shares why he thinks product photography is one of the most important considerations for your website, and 5 simple product photography tips to remember when shooting your products or working with someone to do so. (more…)

Trade Mark Letters Continue To Do The Rounds: Tips To Avoid Being Scammed

This article was written by the team at Zone Law and reproduced with their permission. Zone Law provides a full range of intellectual property and business law services, and are experts in complex and contentious commercial and intellectual property issues.

There has been a recent surge in telephone calls and emails from clients and members of the public who have received fake letters regarding their trade marks.

It seems a huge number of letters have been sent purporting to be from “TM Publisher”, a company who will publish your trade mark on their website, the “International Online Database of Registered Trade Marks”. While they will perhaps publish the mark somewhere, it is in fact a meaningless exercise that confers no rights or benefits, and is designed to trick you into handing over a fee for “publication”.

It can be difficult to spot a scam letter. (more…)

Managing Your New Business: Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is an important consideration for new businesses in the start-up phase, growth phase and beyond. Stephen Nicholas, Deloitte Private Partner, outlines the steps to minimising the impact of tax on your new business. With careful planning and forecasting and by being aware of key dates as well as seeking advice when you need it, you’ll be well on your way to managing your company tax without a hitch! Read on to find out more. (more…)

Is New Zealand’s Click Monday Here To Stay?

Click Monday in New Zealand has come and gone, and now it’s time to count the dollars and measure up against the costs to deliver the campaign. How did retailers go? Was it a success? While you ponder your ROI, the question should be asked… where is this “Click Monday” phenomenon going and is it actually here to stay? (more…)

Simplifying Delivery Pricing And The Delivery Message To Boost Online Sales

Simplifying Delivery Pricing and the Delivery Message to Boost Online Sales

One of the biggest hurdles for small online retailers is coming to grips with a delivery pricing policy.

Free Delivery

The first consideration is always, “can my business afford a ‘Free Delivery’ offer?”

According to a survey conducted by UPS, four out of five consumers see free delivery as an important factor when shopping online. UPS also found consumers will select the slowest transit option to qualify. (more…)

How Can Landing Pages Grow Sales?

Landing pages are pages on your website used strategically to align to specific keywords you (the retailer) want to be visible for in Google. Your goal is to have traffic “landing” on specific pages throughout your website, completely bypassing the home page.

In ecommerce, the most effective landing pages are the main and sub category pages within your navigation structure. However, there is also a need to build landing pages to sit outside of your navigation set up.

The use of landing pages is a critical part of any Google AdWords campaign

Landing pages allow campaigns to be relevant, delivering relevant content specifically for keyword groups (or themes). Many retailers create an AdWords campaign for various keywords and send all the traffic to the home page. Do you have a high bounce rate on your home page? That will be why. (more…)


How to Build Bricks and Mortar Sales Through the Power of Ecommerce

The benefits of ecommerce for smaller retailers go far beyond simply selling online; your website and online store complement your physical retail presence in a number of ways. It’s not surprising then that some of the most successful online businesses are those who have a small bricks and mortar presence to realise these benefits. (more…)