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Tips For Responding to Positive and Negative Online Reviews

Positive customer reviews provide a healthy competitive advantage for your business. That’s why we included testimonials in our list of 12 ecommerce website must-haves to win over new customers.

When a customer takes the time to write a review about your business – whether good or bad – it is important that you respond. In this article we provide tips for collecting positive reviews, how to respond to reviews and, in the case of a negative review, how to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. (more…)

Ohiwa Macadamias: How manufacturers can connect with and sell directly to consumers

Storbie Success Stories take a deep-dive into the businesses and the people selling online with Storbie. Learn how they achieved success, get inspiration for your online business and top marketing advice from online store owners who know their stuff!

Many consumers are opting to connect more directly with the makers of the products they consume. Successful manufacturers will be those that can facilitate this engagement. We spoke to Paul Robin from Ohiwa Macadamias. Paul shares some valuable insights for manufacturers that want to build meaningful connections with end consumers and adopt a direct-to-consumer model by selling online.


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Simple Product Photography Tips From A Professional Photographer

Keith Bennett, professional photographer, shares why he thinks product photography is one of the most important considerations for your website, and 5 simple product photography tips to remember when shooting your products or working with someone to do so. (more…)

7 Ways Retailers Can Support A Physical Store With An Online Presence [Slideshare]

Retailers whose business and products are more visible online attract more customers into their store. It’s not just about online sales.

88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.

How can retailers be visible online in ways that support physical retail? (more…)

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Why Hamilton Wants To Get More Local Products In Front Of More Digitally Connected Consumers

Storbie is passionate about people finding and buying local products and services. In our Shop Local article series, we talk to retailers, town centre managers and passionate people about what makes their local area unique and how they’re spreading the word within and beyond their community.

Taking Advantage of Purchasing Behaviour Trends To Encourage Shopping Locally

Consumers want to purchase locally-made goods and support local businesses, and they are doing more and more product research online and on-the-go before stepping in store to purchase. These are two trends that business associations can take advantage of in their marketing, says Sandy Turner, General Manager of the Hamilton Central Business Association (HCBA). Turner says digital channels are a vital way to get these products in front of consumers and influence buyer behaviour. She explains how HCBA’s marketing efforts combine digital and traditional methods and why the new Hamilton Central online marketplace website is a key part of the Hamilton digital strategy.

A common perception is that online is just a sales channel that detracts from brick-and-mortar sales, however research shows that digital interactions in fact have a huge influence on in store sales (called web-influenced sales) and buying behaviour. (more…)


Keeping It Real: 9 Actionable Ways To Maintain The Human Dimension In Your Online Shop

It’s common knowledge that emotion plays a big part in how people respond to most things in life so it’s no surprise that adding some human touches to your online business can really help sway customers, build loyalty and improve word of mouth. It’s also nice as a shop owner to feel like you are connecting more meaningfully with your market and it’s an opportunity for some relief from the more technical or operational requirements of running an online shop. Here are 9 simple and actionable things to consider to help keep your online shop real. (more…)

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Online Customer Feedback: Why it’s valuable and how to get it during the checkout process

Think back to the last time you went out to a restaurant, had your hair cut, or had your car serviced at the local garage. Were you satisfied with the process and the level of service given? Did the staff or company ask for your feedback? As consumers, we are constantly involved in transactions with businesses and individuals, and these experiences may delight, satisfy or downright disappoint. Whatever the outcome, it’s nice to know that a company appreciates your invested time and money and that they value your opinion. This is where a simple message to say thanks and an opportunity to provide feedback can go a long way.

This situation can be replicated in the ecommerce world too, and it is arguably even more important. It’s no secret that with the rise of online shopping, switching costs have significantly decreased for consumers. Your competitors are just a click away, making it easy for online shoppers to compare products and prices and flit between their favourites when it suits them. But what if buying from your store simply delighted your customers so much that they wouldn’t go anywhere else? This is your loyal customer. This is also your most valuable customer. Consumers expect a seamless online experience and you no doubt want to give it to them, so you can retain more customers in the long run and stop them from switching to a competitor. But first you need to communicate to your customers that you do appreciate their time and money and that you do value their feedback. This is a very simple process that doesn’t take long to implement and will improve your customer retention, if you follow through appropriately. (more…)