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Create a Home Page with Impact and Revitalise Your Online Shop

How often have you looked around your living room and wanted to rearrange the furniture or bring in new items to freshen up the space?

What about your website?

Moving furniture is linked to creativity and mood elevation, and you can get the same rewards from an update on your website.

And there’s even more benefit to be had from changing just a few settings online, including a boost in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There are no set rules on how often you should change up your site, as it’s different for every brand and business. However, if it’s been a few years, it’s likely time for a little nip and tuck.

Whether you have hours or just minutes to spare, here are some easy adjustments to revitalise the look of your website. (more…)

Storbie Is Hiring! Become A Member of The Storbie Support Squad

Are you a great problem solver?
Would you like flexibility of hours?
Do you like working with data, text and imagery? Have an attention to detail?
Are you self-motivated and able to deliver great work both independently and as part of a team?
Do you love online software?
Are you looking to grow your career within an exciting company with a start-up mindset?

Storbie is the easy-to-use online website shop builder for independent retailers. Packed full of ecommerce features, changes can be made quickly and easily without technical knowledge.

Storbie is fast becoming NZ’s leading e-commerce provider with over 110,000 products, 275,000 unique monthly visits, and many millions of dollars’ of transactions processed across our customers’ websites. The Storbie head office is based in Wellington.

Storbie Is Hiring! Become A Member of The Storbie Support Squad

According to our customers, Storbie support is “great — really helpful and fast”, “easily accessed and knowledgeable”, “fantastic”, “A++”. Storbie aims to help our customers be as successful as possible and one way we achieve that is by upholding an excellent level of support. Naturally, we’re quite proud of this reputation!

Storbie is a user-friendly, fully-featured online store and marketplace builder. Fast becoming NZ’s leading provider of do-it-yourself online stores, Storbie is committed to making it easy and affordable for anyone to create, run and grow an ecommerce website or marketplace. (more…)