Storbie Now Integrates With Leading Payment Gateway eWAY

Storbie ecommerce now integrates with leading payment gateway eWAY. eWAY helps tens of thousands of merchants around the world process billions of dollars in credit card payments every year. (more…)

Smallfish, Vend and Xero – The Perfect Trio

When we think of ecommerce, we think of utilising the latest technology to provide seamless end-to-end business solutions for online merchants, and superior experiences for end consumers. What better way to achieve this than by integrating Smallfish online stores with magnificently designed point of sale (POS) and accounting systems? (more…)

Vend Point of Sale Integration

A common challenge for stores that have both a physical and online presence is that the web shop and physical store products are one and the same. If you sell your last Weka tea towel in your store, you want it to automatically go out of stock on your web site before you find yourself having to make an embarrassing phone call. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if you could load a new product into your Point of Sale system and have it automatically appear on your web site with no extra work? Well… we have good news! (more…)