New Pricing Plans — Achieve Online Business Growth With More Products

Big things are happening at Smallfish! The first piece of news for 2015 is that we are introducing new pricing plans, simplifying the pricing structure for shops with large product catalogues. For most customers, the new plans make it cheaper to access more products and, if you are an existing customer, you can choose to stick with your current plan, only switching when it benefits you. (more…)


Team Smallfish Comes Out Grinning In The December Scorcher Triathlon

Smallfish leaped into summer last Sunday, participating in the Scorching Triathlon’s ‘December Scorcher’ as a team. Smallfish CEO Shane (centre) fronted up in bike shorts for the 40 km cycle, lead software developer Craig (right) donned the running shoes for the 10 km run and, ironically considering the company name, we couldn’t find a willing fish, so netted a non-Smallfishian, Bevin (left), to put on the flattering ‘Scorcher’ swimmers cap and doggy-paddle 1.5 km out at sea. (more…)

Behind the Scenes at Smallfish: Creating a Recipe for Tech Success

At Smallfish, we’re a tight-knit team. We’re passionate about providing our customers with a simple and affordable way to get ahead with an online business. Being a part of the Smallfish community is more than just setting up an online store – it’s about joining a network of enterprising businesses that are all committed to fostering success. This vision drives our own work at Smallfish, as we strive to provide the tools that enable your business to grow. In this article, we present a behind the scenes view of how things are run at Smallfish HQ.

Want to know our recipe for tech success? It’s simple: start with some highly experienced developers, add some fresh new talent, mix well and enjoy! We spoke to Aneesha, our intern software developer, who has been working closely with our in-house developers. She’s enjoying being a part of the Smallfish family (even if it means complying with company breakfast policy!) and learning many things along the way to kickstart her IT career. (more…)